Beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa Province that you should visit in your holiday

Located about 180 kilometers from Hanoi city, in the NorthEast of Vietnam. Thanh Hoa is famous for many beautiful beaches with clear water and fresh atmosphere. Every summer, beaches in Thanh Hoa attract a large number of tourists. Here, I will recommend you 5 beautiful beaches that you should spend your holiday to travel there.

1. Sam Son beach

Sam Son beach

Sam Son is known as one of the first beaches that were exploited by people in the northern provinces. Sam Son Sea is located about 16 kilometers in the east of Thanh Hoa. The seaside was used by the French as a private beach in 1906 with many old villas, including the resort of King Bao Dai. Sam-Son is more than 10 kilometers in length. Especially, its wave is very big and large and it also has smooth water, smooth sand, and moderate salt. Sam-Son has not only the beautiful beach but also many famous landscapes and heritage. Co Giai is one example. It is the places that Truong Le Mountain approaches with the sea and Doc Cuoc temple (also known as Gam Temple) It is located on the top of Co Giai. It attached many tourists because of its legend. In addition, the Kissing Rocks (in Vietnam, it is called Hòn Trống Mái). It is different from Kissing Rocks in Ha Long Bay because of its location.

2. Bai Dong

Bai Dong

Bai Dong is the beach of Nghi Son peninsula, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province. It is not as busy as other famous beaches in Thanh Hoa. Only peaceful scenery for anyone who would like to relax. The beach is quite wild, but its landscapes are naturally beautiful. Blue sea and white sand here will attract any visitors to go to Bai Dong. When coming here, you enjoy the feeling under the beach with friends or family. You can also lie on the beach to read books, listen to music and enjoy the atmosphere. You will feel bad things is over and your sadness seems to disappear.

3. Hai Hoa Sea

Hai Hoa Sea

From Thanh Hoa city to Cang Gia town about 40 km, you only turn left about 3 kilometers to reach Hai Hoa Sea. Hai Hoa Sea has been known for several years when people here began to exploit along the sea. Nowadays, it becomes a destination for tourism. The sea is still pristine with wild nature, white sand and green casuarinas all year round. In the sunrise, local people begin with their work. The fish market is right on the beach with fresh fish and shrimp. The market usually finishes in the noon. Especially in Hai Hoa Sea, there is a special dish made from jellyfish. Some coastal restaurants can serve dishes such as snakes sea, lobsters, and fishes. Moreover, in Hai Hoa, you can also buy seafood from the boat dock or from the nets which local residents catch in each morning and afternoon. You can have the chefs process them according to your own taste.

4. Hai Thanh Sea

Hai Thanh Sea

Hai Thanh Sea is located in Hai Thanh Commune, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province. Its length is about 4 kilometers and stretches from Thoi mountain to Du Xuyen Mountain. The beach is small and has medium waves with peaceful fishing villages. Offshore is Hon Me with about 10 large and small islands. Not only relaxing and bathing, visitors can visit many historical vestiges such as Dot Tien pagoda, Quang Trung Temple, and the Ba Lang parish church. Hai Thanh is usually busy with fishing villages. Here, there is a famous fish sauce and it called Ba Lang fish sauce. Besides, there are also some fresh products such as crabs, snails, blue mussels, shrimp, and so on. Do not hesitate to visit Hai Thanh Sea to enjoy wonderful things.

5. Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien beach is located 175 kilometers from Ha Noi and 30 kilometers from Thanh Hoa city. Hai Tien Sea has been introduced to serve tourists from a few years with a length of 12 kilometers. Fresh air and long sands are available for you. So, you can relax and enjoy the cool water. The seashore is highlighted with oyster sentry boxes, square salt fields, and natural green forest. Hai Tien beach is still pristine with undeveloped services. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the tranquil natural blue sea and the peaceful fishing villages. You can go to the seafood market early in the morning, buy something and ask the chefs in your hotel to cook or order food at home with reasonable prices.

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