Top Reasons to Stay At Least One Night on Halong Bay Cruises

The one of 7 World’s Wonders of Nature - Halong Bay must be a not-to-be-missed destination for every tour packages to Indochina thanks to its glamourous beauty and luxuriously fun-of-fun vessels. Indeed, cruising is the best way to deeply discover the Bay and its surrounding areas. The top reasons to stay at least one night on Halong Bay cruises are listed below.

Party All Day and Night

According to many domestic and international passengers, one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences they’ve ever had in their Vietnam beach holidays is a cruise in Halong Bay. Except the day-tour cruise when you don’t really have enough time to discover the Bay, the overnight ones will definitely guarantee to bring you more than your expectations for your endless party in Vietnam. The Sundeck on any Halong Bay Cruises is totally out of this world, where you can easily contemplate the breathtaking landscape with thousands of limestone islets as well as the fresh emerald water. It is also the place where the sunset party takes place during dusk, offering you the opportunity to make friends with other passengers from different places in the world, enjoy some beers or rice wine and learn how to cook the essential Vietnamese foods.

Pearl Farm Discovery

After enjoying a peaceful night on boat, you might have a chance to come to a local farm to learn more about how most of jewelry stuffs in Vietnam are made. The trip also offers you the opportunity to meet and with the local fishermen in Halong bay, observe their daily activities to earn the living. There, the tour guide will help you to have an overview of Pearl as well as its unbelievable values. You will also have chance to witness the whole process to produce Jewelry from natural oysters.

Ideal Place for Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the favorite activities that you will have chance to experience on an at-least-one-night trip in Halong Bay. The kayak here is nicely designed for 2 people, thus, it might be the time for you and your darling to discover the beauty of Halong together, paddling through stunning grottos, enjoying the fresh atmosphere while soaking hands in the fresh water. Furthermore, it is impeccable to go kayaking during dusk when you will contemplate the sunset over the bay as well as incredible reflections of majestic islets in the emerald water.

Stunning Caves

A cruise in Halong Bay also takes you to the most breathtaking caves in Vietnam, which dates back to millions of years ago. Once setting foot in the caves, especially the largest one called Sung Sot (Surprising), you will be wowed by a giant system of stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes, which will surely challenge your imagination.

Fun Activities

On-board activities must surely be the things you will never forget after leaving from Halong Bay. When the night falls, you will be attracted to various entertainments hosted by the boat crew from playing cards, squid fishing, karaoke etc. You can also have some fresh drinks in the bar and lay stretched on the sundeck to enjoy cool sea breezes or get acquaintance with other tourists on the vessel.

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