Top 10 Things to Do in Cambodia

Enjoying sunrise at Angkor Wat, scenic cruising on the Tonle Sap, experiencing the unique bamboo train, visiting ethnic villages in Mondulkiri are some of the most interesting things that travelers should try in Cambodia. I hope that after reading this post, you will sure have some great ideas for your Indochina holiday packages.

1. Enjoy the sunrise at Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is the most beautiful, the biggest and located in the most prime location among all the temples of Angkor. Angkor Wat, the pinnacle of Khmer architecture, was built under the reign of King Suryavarman II in the first half of the 12th century. The temple is famous for the long corridors carved by hundreds of Hindu bas-reliefs and thousands of stuning Apsara images. In particular, getting up early and watching sunrise moments at Angkor Wat is the experience that you will never forget.

2. Enjoy a performance by the Apsara 
While exploring the ruins of Angkor, surely you can see the carvings of Apsara dancers on the temples’ walls. Apsara dance is one of most important Cambodian traditional art forms, performed by beautiful and charming women. When travelling to Cambodia, especially Siem Reap, you should not miss these unique shows.

3. Take a boat cruise on the Tonle Sap
Tonle Sap, the most important lake in the country, is also the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia region. The lake extends and changes amazingly every season. From November to May – during the dry season, the lake is almost dry and it becomes much wider with lots of amazing floating villages in the rainy season. Taking a boat on Tonle Sap Lake is a good chance for you to understand more about the local life.

Furthermore, you can book one of Mekong River cruises on Tonle Sap area to easily explore the majestic Mekong river and its basin.

Explore Mekong River on Rv Jayavarman Cruise 

4. Experience Bamboo Train
Battambang is well known for its norris or Bamboo Train – the unique vehicle which is also main mean of transportation in the region thanks to quickness and cheap price. Guests can catch bamboo train  anywhere in Battambang with only USD 8/person/time.

5. Kayaking
Discovering the floating villages on the lake by kayak is considered a must-try experience when visiting Battambang. 
Green Orange Kayaks, a local NGO providing free English classes for people, is also the supplier of kayaking tour for tourists. You can rent a kayak for a half day trip departing from Ksach Poy village. From this small village on the countryside of Battambang, visitors can paddle along the Stung Sangke River and return the city.

6. Explore cuisine in Siem Riep
Siem Reap attracts visitors not only by famous Angkor temples but also well known delicious dishes. The special dishes here are always an exciting mystery with culinary enthusiasts: simple appearance but very attractive and meticulous procedure to create, which can be listed as: Fish amok, bun burden Nom banh chok fish curry, papaya salad Tomyam, jaggery cake cow, food from insects etc.

7. Visit the ethnic minority village in Mondulkiri
Khmer people are main population in Cambodia but there are many other ethnic minorities living here. And if guests want to have more experience, do not forget to discover ethnic minority areas in Mondulkiri in Cambodia. Located in western Cambodia, Mondulkiri is given natural beauty with exotic pristine jungles, deep green hills and majestic waterfalls.
In addition, communities of ethnic minority people here are very friendly and honest, which would be an ideal destination for adventurous travellers.

8. Enjoy seafood in the town of Kep
Kep is a small lovely town which borders both the sea and mountain. This was one of the leading places in Cambodia for relaxing during colonial period, so the buildings and architecture here still feature the French style. In particular, visitors should not ignore specialty of Kep - crab cooked with green peppers- the tasty dish that you will never forget once trying.

9. Enjoy a glass of beer in Pub Street
Located in Siem Reap’s downtown, Pub Street is famous among travellers with built-up houses, restaurants and bars, offering a bustling nightlife. This is called “Western Street” as it is the meeting point of foreign tourists in Cambodia for meeting each other and enjoying specialties in this area at night. The most interesting way to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere in this place is ordering a glass of beer while chatting with your friends and admiring the street.

10. Shopping in the market in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, so it is easy to understand why there are so many places for tourists to shop. Phnom Penh markets sell everything from souvenirs to the local specialties. If you are someone who likes shopping, you can make a stop to shopping destinations in Phnom Penh like: Phnom Penh Night Market, Olympic Market, Russian Market, Lucky Supermarkets, Sorya Shopping Center etc.

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