The Little Japan in Saigon – Beautiful Food Paradise

Not only is an 'outdoor studio' with many beautiful corners, Little Japan also has many restaurants with many standard Japanese dishes.

In the midst of bustling Saigon, with plenty of places to eat, you can also find yourself a peaceful space full of Japanese identity. Located in the alleyways of Le Thanh Ton - Thai Van Lung Street, a popular Japanese area is known as "Japan Town" or "Little Japan" of Saigon.

Just over 2km in District 1, from 15A, 15B Le Thanh Ton street to Thai Van Lung, and the surrounding streets like Ngo Van Nam, Thi Sach ... you will easily catch a lot of Japanese restaurant with wooden doors and bilingual signs.

Nearly "uniforms", the whole area has signs of wood, fabric, lantern in white and red color tone and the rolling door, which is characteristic of the country of cherry flowers. If there are no Vietnamese address lines, you would think you are in the middle of Tokyo.

This place is the focal point of 70 stores ranging from dining, spa, business establishments of the Japanese or related to Japan. Different from the other loud, bustling streets in Ho Chi Minh City, everything is cozy, small, beautiful, quiet in Little Japan.

Not only attracts visitors by the shops, but also the favorite place of photography, Little Japan is loved by young people, celebrity, magazine photography, fashion photo space… which is like a beautiful “outdoor studio".

In addition to businesses, the neighborhood is home to about 300 Japanese households, retaining many cultural characteristics, especially the civilization, cleanness and quietness.

You can go from many directions to the area, the most popular is from 8 Le Thanh Ton alley, with many shops. The legendary check in wall is enjoyed by many young people.

Just dressed in style and pose well, check in Japan, you can "fool" many people that you are traveling rather than in Saigon.

Most of the restaurant here is a gourmet restaurant with the characteristic of retaining the original flavor of the dish, partly because the owner is Japanese, partly because many Japanese are also living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here, you can find most of the dishes from the popular to the country's rising sun like Ramen noodles, pancakes, Takoyaki pancakes, sashimi, sushi, mochi ... Taste is still very " Japanese standard".

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