Experience of Travelling to Langbiang Highland in Dalat

There are many attractions to visit in the city of thousand flowers, but Langbiang is one of the impressive destinations that certain visitors can not visit when visiting Dalat. Langbiang has long been considered a symbol of immortality for the legendary Central Highlands, associated with the legend of the love story of Lang and Biang.

For more information about the legendary mountain peaks of the Central Highlands, as well as more experience exploring Langbiang, we would like to introduce to you the article Experience of travelling to Langbiang Dalat. Hopefully with these sharing, you will have a trip with interesting experiences in the "roof of the Highlands".

About the legendary Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang is the highest mountain in Lam Vien, consisting of many different mountains, not just one Langbiang. In addition, Langbiang is called by the natives called Mother Mountain, consisting of two mountains called Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain. Langbiang is located in Lac Duong district, not too far from Dalat city center about 12km to the north.

The name Langbiang is associated with many interesting stories that not everyone knows. Ones must understand the culture of the Central Highlands to understand the origin, history and the name Langbiang. The Tay Nguyen people call Langbiang the Mother Mountain because matriarchal thought has long been embedded in the cultural transmission of residents (the matriarch is a long-standing social system in human history, and in our country The Central Highlands is the only place that maintains this regime by promoting and celebrating the role of women in the family and society.) Pictures of two mountains leaning on one another as if covering each other, suggesting the beauty and sacrifice of the woman.

Besides, the name Langbiang also associated with a legend and the love story of the love affair of talented son Lang and Biang. It is said that boys and girls born in two different tribes have accidentally met and fell in love with each other earnest. But the contrary, the customs and laws of the people have forbidden the two come together, so the two have escaped to the top of the mountain ... Their peaceful life ended when Biang fell ill . After a period of healing, Lang went down to find the healer Biang but the villagers chased and killed him. Biang bravely caught the poisonous arrows for Lang and died. Lang was so painful, his tears flowing into a large stream that is still called by the name of Golden Stream to remember the love story of Lang and Biang. The mountains where the boys and girls lie down have turned into two mountain peaks standing together that is still called Langbiang Mountain or Mother Mountain.


If you want to visit Hang Nga Dalat villa, you can easily choose the transportation because this electricity is located in the center of the city, to reach the top of Langbiang mountain, visitors will have to find out thoroughly to choose the most suitable vehicle because terrain is quite difficult.

Jeeps: Jeeps are a popular choice for tourists visiting Langbiang. Jeeps will take visitors from the foot of the mountain to the top of Radar in a simple and quick way. Beside that fun comedy with lots of fun stories are fun experiences for visitors. With this move you will save your time and "health" but the trip will lack of interesting challenges.

Walking: Walking is also one of the favorite choices of travelers to conquer Langbiang. Visitors can go along the asphalt road built from the foot of the mountain up to the Radar Hill area. With a length of about 6km plus steep terrain, visitors can take about 2 hours or more to reach the Langbiang.
Climbing: Climbing or Trekking is one of the exciting experiences to conquer Langbiang. Visitors will move to the top of the mountain by following the trails in the jungle for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the person. Although not easy, climbing is a great option for those who are interested in exploring and challenging.

Experience in the legendary mountain

Not only the highest mountain in Dalat, Langbiang also attracts visitors by the beautiful sights and interesting entertainment activities. So do not miss these great things, let’s visit the legendary LangBiang. It will be an ideal choice for visitors to fully enjoy the impressive experience with Langbiang.

From the top of the mountain you can see the "whole" embrace of the beautiful city of Dalat. A large city is soon lost in a picture in your eyes. Heaven and nature immense grandeur will embrace the traveler and bring the best feeling.

Coming to Langbiang, visitors will not only enjoy the majestic natural beauty, but also participate in many interesting and interesting activities here. Visitors can explore the cultural traditions of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands through activities such as camp fire, gong festivals, drinking wine and soulful souls following the legendary stories of this sacred land. In addition, with the kind of unique picnic travel like climbing, paragliding, down the mountain with a string, watching the city with binoculars or making a cowboy on horseback ..., also the interesting experience for visitors.

Langbiang is a magnificent natural masterpiece that the Creator has bestowed on the Central Highlands. Come to Langbiang to experience and discover, you will definitely have a trip with the best memories. Again we hope that with the article Experience of travelling to Langbiang Da Lat, visitors will have more useful knowledge about the legendary mountain and experience to explore Langbiang.

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