The Best Places To Visit In Bangkok

Sora City Café

Sora City Café is characterized by the Japanese architectural styles right in the heart of the city. Entering the coffee house, you might not imagine that it is actually a bike shop. Although it offers a simple menu of famous Japanese desserts, dorayaki (red bean cake) with matcha cream, for instance.

Shugaa Cafe

Sugga Café has long been known as a coffee shop or a dessert restaurant. Featuring and pastel wooden furniture, the shop is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love taking check-in pictures. In addition to the desserts, the shop offers main courses, so you certainly full your stomach. 

Simple Day Cafe & Ice-cream Shop

Being owned by the same owner, Simple Day Café and Ice-cream shop shares the same design style as that of Think Cafe.  While Think Café mainly offers mousse and bread, the shop serves breakfast and ice cream.

Vanilla Bake Shop Cafe & Bakery

Characterized by the architecture and design of a classic cake factory, the open space of the open kitchen in Vanilla Bake Shop Cafe & Bakery enables its guests to smell the fragrance of cakes. Housed on the grounds of the Vanilla Garden complex, the bakery becomes a popular destination with locals, tourists, gourmets, and celebrities although it has just been opened. 

The Commons Complex

The Commons is the complex of hipster restaurants, the café and restaurants rather than a shopping mall. Featuring 28 stores, the complex is the custodian and curator of unique values of creative arts.

The Bloc Complex

Think of Cafe, Simple Day, About Life, Tree Box, etc seem to be unrelated to this complex, but they are actually owned by the same person and oriented in distinct styles. Although The Block Complex is housed far from the center of the city, you should definitely give it a try, especially during the happening of the workshops to explore the distinguishing features of this mini community.

China Town Night Market, Yaowarat Food Street

Having been known as the street food paradise of Bangkok, China Town definitely satisfies your appetite for food. When you are hungry, you should get there to savor tasteful foods and full your stomach at the same time. It promises not to disappoint you. You should enjoy fresh seafood at T & K or Rut & Lek that is highly recommended by those who did visit the market. In addition, you might try pomegranate juice, crab noodles, mango sticky rice, and a bowl of Hong Kong noodles recipe in the small alleys. Sounds amazing!

Thip Samai Pad Thai Restaurant

If you get there at rush hour, you might definitely join the queue for your turn. Because it is hot and humid in Bangkok in these days, you should take a seat near the air conditioner to comfortably enjoy the food. You shoulS give traditional Thai pad and special Thai pad a try which is usually served with a glass of orange juice. It’s such a wonderful day if you visit the Royal Palace before having dinner at Thip Sami.

Shopping Malls

Going shopping or even doing window shopping one of the “must-try” activity when traveling Bangkok. Walking along Sukhumvit Street to Siam Square, you see up to 10 shopping centers, namely Terminal 21, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World, etc. If you get there at discount season, you definitely find high-quality items of famous brands of reasonable prices.

3Howw Hostel Sukhumvit 21

3Howw Hostel Sukhumvit 21 is one of the few popular guesthouses featuring simply modern decoration and style in Bangkok. It offers a variety of rooms, from dorm rooms to private rooms, fully equipped conveniences, so you can choose the one that meets our need of relaxation. Moreover, it only takes you 10 minutes to walk to the main road of Sukhumvit, sky train, and Terminal 21 shopping mall. Noticeably, the guesthouse often hosts Muay Thai matches attracting a large number of audiences on the highest floor.

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