The Best 3 Amusement Parks in Japan

In addition to famous landcapes, Japan has been attracting a large number of local and foreign tourists by leading amusement parks. Stepping onto these parks, travelers would definitely enjoy their full vacation in charming fairy spaces.

Tokyo Disneyland Park

Spreading across an area of 47 hectares, Tokyo Disneyland Park definitely enables tourists to have unforgettable experiences like those in the United States do. The park is one of the 5 oversea largest parks following the first Disneyland model.

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland, tourists have a chance to transform themselves into favorite Disney characters. Additionally, you might definitely play with famous Disney cartoon characters namely Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck or Daisy and all their friends from Walt Disney cartoons.

In addition, visitors can immerse themselves in seven theme parks, namely Fairyland in fairy tales (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc), adventuring games (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, etc), adventure in the wild jungle (Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean), etc.
If you are not engrossed with adventuring activities, you might give Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown a try. It will also give you a lot of fun and surprise when interacting with hilarious cartoon characters of Walt Disney.

Universal Studios Japan Park

Launched in 2001 in the Osaka Bay, Universal Studios Japan Park is ranked the second of top most popular theme park in Tokyo (the first is Tokyo Disneyland). The park consists of eight areas, particularly “The World of Harry Porter". As the name would imply, it displays Harry Porter's magical world exactly what we have seen on film. Stepping onto the park, tourists can admire Hogwarts Castle, visit Dumbledore's office, and experience "meals of witches" at Three Broom Restaurant.

Tourists can also engage in thrilling games “Hollywood Dream” roller coaster, explore tropical jungle where dinosaurs live, experience the adventurous cruise in the shark-dominated sea join the "Water World" where adventuring water performances are shown, etc.

In addition, the park provides visitors with an area in which they can grasp pictures with famous cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty and puppets of Sesame Street. Noticeably, the park hosts a variety of programs, including a night parade with shimmering lights every day.

Legoland Japan Park

Spreading across an area of 9 hectares, lying in the charming Nagoya City, Aichi province, Legoland Park is an open - air recreation area that displays the miniatures of famous Japanese landscapes, which are made up of 17 million lego bricks of various sizes and famous adventuring theme tourist attractions in the world at the same time.

Significantly, the park is distinguishingly characterized by the giant masterpiece of Arts - Nagoya Castle made of over 200,000 bricks of lego.

The park is divided into seven lands corresponding to the featuring worlds in Lego Movie such as Bricktopia, Knights Kingdom, Pirate Shores, Miniland, and features 40 kinds enjoyable games, and interesting live performances. Creative and colorful, Legoland Japan definitely mesmerizes all of its guests, from children to adults.

Setting foot in Legoland Park, kids have a chance to discover the amazing worlds that have been shot on Walt Disney cartoons. These worlds are delicately built from marvelous bricks and offers everything that human might imagine such as fairies, zoos, wonders of the world to series of adventure games for children, etc.

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