The 5 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Singapore

Pandan chiffon cake in Bengawan Solo

Pandan chiffon cake has long been popular with both locals and tourists in the Bengawan Solo bakery chain.  Featuring the « eyes – catching » green, fragrance of pandan leaf, and soft rich filling and wrapping, this « mouth – watering » cake promises to stir up your appetite with the mouthful.  

Originally appeared in California in 1927, Pandan chiffon cake’s recipe was varied in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the pandan leaves play an essential role in processing cake. Thus, it created the same color and flavor as the current version in Singapore. Before Tjendri Anastasia, the founder of Bengawan Solo took advantage of the pandan leaves to create new flavor for her family dishes, and then expanded into a chain of 40 bakery shops which is currently very famous in Singapore, cakes made of pandan had been considered as « must – try » foods during cuisine exploration of tourists to this dynamic country. 

Bengawan Solo is also available in Changi Airport (near Gate C, T1 Terminal and Gate E, T2 Terminal), so you can buy this tasteful cakes as souvenirs for your relatives and friends right at the airport.

Singapore Bak Kwa (dried pork) in Fragrance Foodstuff

Bak Kwa is actually slices of dried pork, similar to sour and sweet dried beef in Vietnam. This dish is a distinguishing feature of ancient Chinese cuisine, which is widely preferred by the Fujian community. The main ingredient of this “mouth – watering” dish is pork but they might replace it with beef, chicken, etc. 

Bak Kwa has served as a popular gift presenting during the Lunar New Year in Singapore for several decades.

One of the oldest shops in Singapore offering Bak Kwa is Fragrance Foodstuff shop. Originally opened in 1969, the shop enables visitors to find the various flavors of dried meat, including from Honey flavored Bak Kwa, Bak Kwa made from chicken, or even Bak Kwa processed from crocodile’s meat.

Stuffed Orang Utan at the Singapore Zoo

Ah Meng used to be the graceful famous "orangutan", the star of the "Breakfast at Singapore Zoo". Before he died at the zoo in 2008, Ah Meng had been an international symbol, shot on film in more than 30 travel films, and appeared in more than 270 articles over the world. The staff of the zoo often talk about the charm of Ah Meng including her ability tea in the cup of tea as human beings do.

Admirably,  the charming Ah Meng orangutans have met big celebrities, namely Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, and Prince Philip in her life. In 1992, Ah Meng became the first of its kind to be awarded the Ambassador of Tourism.

You definitely see and own these stuffed orang-utans at the Singapore Zoo or the souvenir shop at Gate E, Terminal T2, Changi Airport. 

Gilding  jewelry with RISIS orchid 

Orchids has widely known as the national flower of Singapore. Featuring the pure colors and extraordinary endurance against the hardship to bloom, the orchird reflects the strong spirit of the Singaporean facing difficulties and challenges.

Since 1976, significantly, a luxury fashion brand and accessory in the lion -  island country named RISIS, has embraced 24K gilding technique plating on orchids with the aim to preserve and conserve the immortality of this pure flower.

After an unforgettable visit, you might buy pretty items of jewelry as a souvenir for yourself or for someone you love.

The Merlion

Merlion Sea Lion has long served national symbol in Singapore featuring a half- lion and a half fish chimery. Especially,  the lion's head represents the original name of the country, Singapura (means lion city). In term of the second half of the body in the shape of a fish, it refers to the origin from a fishing village of the lion – land country. So, that is the reason why visitors see the image Merlion appear scattering along the souvenir shops and the streets themselves when stepping foot in this dynamic country.

Some of Merlion's souvenirs that tourists highly preferred are keychains, lighters, photo frames, etc. Additionally, you might buy T-shirts, candies, chocolate and other various products capturing this national symbol as a useful and pretty souvenirs for friends and family. 

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