Mataian Wetland Ecological Park in Hualien County

The Mataian Wetlands Ecological Park is home to the ancient Ami people, the largest of the 16 officially recognized tribes in Taiwan.

The 12-acre Mataian Wetlands Ecosystem Park is located at the foot of Masi Mountain in the Guangfu Township of Hualian County, Taiwan. The name "Mataian" derives from the name "Vataan," meaning "bean" in the language. Ami language. Since in the past, there were so many tides, the Ami called the area "Vataan". The Ami usually bring bean seeds and plant them wherever they go, because they believe it brings good luck.

In the park there are springs from Mt. Masi. The summit is the site of convergence of groundwater, forming the Fudeng River extending down south from Mataian, which is the main source of nutrients for the park. The change in flow, the depth of river water also makes up the river. The ecosystem is very rich for Mataian park with nearly 100 kinds of water plants. The diversity of birds, frogs, insects and aquatic animals is also remarkable.

At any drainage ditch of the Mataian Swamp Ecological Park, you can find traces of fish, shrimp, shells and twigs. Today, thanks to the efforts of local authorities and local people, this wetland ecology has become an ideal tourist destination attracting many visitors travelling to Hualien, Taiwan.

The best time to visit the Mataian Wetlands Ecological Park is from May to August, the lotus blossom season. Most visitors come here to watch the lotus. In particular, visitors will experience the unique Palakaw ecological fishing method of the Ami tribe. 

Along with smart fishing, the Ami invented a way of cooking with heated stones. When the hot stones are put into a pot of water with vegetables and fish, you will get a delicious hot pot.

In addition, visitors also tasted many unique, delicious wild herbs, including tidbits, celery, betel leaves, gesian rice ... Through the local method of cooking by Ami women, each of these wild herbs is transformed into unique and delicious dishes.

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