Experience The Sunrise in Bagan – The Most Beautiful Time in The Day

Bagan is not an strange destination for Myanmar travelers. Bagan is the land of rustic carriages, the ancient capital of Myanmar ... the world of thousands of ancient temples and colorful balloons.

Bagan is the most beautiful at dawn, if you come here, let’s say goodbye your warm bed, find a high temple can climb, spend time enjoying the beautiful scene of dawn, beautiful sobs, the scene can make the most demanding people also have to surprise.

The whole scene is immersed in frog in the early morning under the red of the dawn, on the temple floor.

As the sun is about to appear, the "giant bubbles" are ready to be released into the sky.

The sun appeared, the balloon also rose high, the sky was no longer dark, the fairy scene is emerging before the eyes of travelers.

It is said in Bagan that the two most beautiful times are sunset and sunrise.

- The perfect place to experience these great moments:

+ Shwe San Daw Temple, the most famous temple for sunrise and sunset, taxi circles called "sunrise pagoda", this place is quite high, beautiful and crowded tourists.

+ Lay Myet Temple: This place is not crowded, but the last day can not see the dawn because of fog, if more than 3 days you can choose here a day.

+ Dhamma Ya Zi Ka Temple, which is currently under repair, but the temple next to you can climb, and this place is full of trees, can see the sunrise or sunset with the green trees. I visited here twice, to watch the sunset but to see the rain.

As a person who does not have much interest in tourist sites with many monuments, temples, pagodas ... I also do not intend to go to Myanmar, to Bagan – it was just because of the promotional air ticket. However, once coming here, I am sure to come back many more times. This place is beautiful, let’s try to come, you will not regret.

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