Top 5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes In Saigon

1. Broken rice

Broken rice is a specialty of the specialties of Saigon. It is so typical and popular that in Saigon, people can eat it all day, from breakfast to lunch, dinner. Even with many people, rice is a perfect choice for supper.

A broken rice plate has a lot of things: of course rice, followed by roasted ribs, eggs, sausages, pickle… For more attractive, on the plate, people will add some onions, grease. And finally, to complete, the rice dish will be served with a sweet chili sauce.

Not only full and delicious, the broken rice plate also scores by its special flavor. The sweet fish sauce seeps into each grain of rice blended with the fatty aroma of grease to bring the flavor is difficult to resist. In particular, the ribs are marinated carefully and then baked on the charcoal as the delicious dishes difficult to describe. The price of this dish is also reasonable – only  from 25 000 VND (1.1 USD) to 40 000 VND (1.5 USD) is enough for a quality meal.

2. Crab soup

In Hanoi and in many northern provinces, crab soup is usually only available in restaurants or parties. But in Saigon, this is a favorite snack and extremely popular. Indeed, in Saigon, you can fully enjoy a cup of quality crab soup on the sidewalk with an average price of 15.000 VND (0.6 USD) to 20.000 VND (0.9 USD) only.

Ingredients of crab soup are varied, including crab meat, chicken, quail eggs, mushrooms. Some restaurant add also century egg, even pork brains to make soup more special. The yellow sauce of crab soup with crab meat served with cilantro, pepper and peppers gives rise to a pleasant aroma and natural sweetness.

Attractive, suitable for both adults and children, so among the hundreds of Saigon snacks, crab soup always has its own place. Regardless of hot or cold weather, dry days or rainy winds, crab soup shops still attracts people to come everyday.

3. Fried flour

This is a Chinese dish but when it came to Saigon, it was transformed to Vietnamese taste and gradually became a popular snack. The flour is added with a little oil, then boil the flour and it turns ivory white. Next, the seller brought the dough in a square shape and pour it into a cold plate, chop it into the pieces and put them on a frying pan of hot oil.

4. Phá lấu (meat hot pot)

Phá lấu has been a favorite snack of people in Saigon. This is a dish made from the viscera of animals, the most common of which is from beef. This is easy to become an addictive foodafter two or three times trying it.

The broth of phá lấu includes spices and some medicinal herbs. Meat can be anything from the tongue, ear, viscera to the stomach of pigs and cows. The phá lấu pot is often boiled and spiced with coconut milk. When there is a customer, the seller uses scissors and cutters to break the broken pieces into the cup before adding the broth.

The bowl of phá lấu with brown color of broth served with a cup of sweet and sour sauce. It can be eaten with bread or noodles, both are very tasty. Now there are not many restaurants in Saigon selling phá lấu but this is also a very typical street food in Saigon that you should try anyway.

5. Rolls salad

In Saigon, for long time, rolls salad is a favorite food, because there are not many dishes that can satisfy so many people like that. Fat people can eat roll salad s much as possible because it contains lots of vegetable and hence very healthy. Slim people can eat even more because it’s not fat. The rolls can be eaten as a snack or well replaces the main meal.

Only four main ingredients of rice paper, vegetables (raw vegetables and herbs), vermicelli, meat, shrimp can make rolls salad delicious with enough sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste. Pork is selected from medium fat and lean meat; red boiled or steamed prawns is very eye-catching; Add a little vermicelli, bean sprouts, herbs, salads, chives ... use the rice paper to wrap them all and enjoy the delicious taste.

To have a delicious roll salad dish, raw materials should be fresh The maker should be skillfull and clever, so that the roll is nice and eye-catching. In addition, soy sauce also plays an important role. There are two types of sauce: soy sauce and fish sauce. When eating rolls salad, dip it deep into the sauce bowl to feel the tasteful deliciousness of this popular dish.

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