Top 3 Best Beaches In Cambodia

Over the past few years, Cambodia has been attracting a large number of tourists, including young travellers from Vietnam, with a series of 3 "Paradise Island » namely Sihanoukville, Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong. Featuring convenient transportation, low cost, and especially fresh breath – taking beaches that can be compared to Maldives, these Islands is undoubtedly the ideal tourist spots this summer.

If you are still wondering about what to prepare and how to travel to step foot in these Cambodia’s paradises, we recommend you the review of an enthusiastic pack backer named Ho Dac Thanh Huy. His trip to Cambodia last month has received nearly 4,000 likes on social media thanks to charming pictures which promise to afford you unforgettable experiences.

Day 1:  Sai Gon – Ha Tien – Shihanoukville

- You can buy tickets of Kumho transportation company in Mien Tay (West) Bus Station (bed-seat – 8$ / person). The coach departs at 9:30 p.m and reaches Ha Tien at around 5 a.m. Transit car will take you to the pick-up point to the border gate.

- If you travel in group of 4 - 6, you should rent a 7 – seat car to travel. Huy and his friends booked 7 – seat car of  VietCamThai priced at 4$ per person and 5$ for entrance charge and medical ckeck up charge. Easy to travel!

- Additionally, you might buy a ship ticket to the island. The ticket is priced at is 20$ per person ( above 400,000 VND) for high-speed ship  (45 minutes) or 25$ / person for low-speed ship (above 550,000 VND).

- It might take you 3 hours to get to Shihanoukville from Ha Tien . In Shihanouk, Huy and his friends stayed at OC Hotel costing $ 60 per room (more than 1 million VND) including breakfast. After relaxing for a while, you might stroll along the beach and savour fresh seafood. The most interesting of the day is to drink beer and set firework on the beach in the evening. How amazing! The chance of lighting firework is not for everyone, so you should definitely grasp this chance to experience it.

Day 2: Shihanouk – Koh Rong Samloem

- You use the ship ticket you bought to go to Koh Rong Samloem. This ticket is a round-trip high - speed ticket, including 2 phases, of which one will be taken by the ticket checking staff on the way to island and one on the way back to the mainland respectively.

- The ship will board at Samloem Pier dock, in which you can choose resorts or hotels to stay. I suggest you make a reservation on website to ensure that your room is available right you step onto the hotel. Huy booked a hotel named The One Rerost offering 1 bungalow for 5 persons with the price of 140 $/ bungalow / 5 people (about 3 million VND).

- The picturesque Koh Rong Samloem Island is almost uninhabited and features resorts,  which is extremely quiet and runs along the beach. Get there, you have a chance to immerse yourself in soft white sand, crystal blue sea water, which enables you to feel free to bathe and swim. In the afternoon, you saunter along the beach to enjoy fresh sea breezes and greet the sunrise in the early morning of the next day to pick up the first rays of sunshine, then, indulge yourself into the pristine blue water and drink coconut juice. How amazing your life is!

Day 3: Koh Rong Samloem – Koh Rong

- Cano will take you to the waiting area to wait for the high-speed train to reach Kohrong Island in 15 minutes. The charge from Samloem to Koh Rong is $ 5 / person (over 100,000 VND.

- In contrast with the peace and romance of Samloem Island, Koh Rong Island is more hustling and bustling. It may be the reason why Koh Rong beaches are not pristine and clean as that of  Samloem.

- There are two ways of experiencing in Koh Rong Island, of which one is to sail around the island and go scuba diving and the other is to play High Point. High Point is a challenging games featuring difficult and adventurous activities such as walking on rope, excercising on balance board, zip line, etc. Although participants are provided with protective equipments, they might be “scared the hell out of them” for the first try. The final challenge of Highpoint is to stand on an old-aged tree at the top of Koh Rong hill to hold the panorama of the island, then slide the zip line to the last stop of the game, which stretching over 400 meters above the ground. Fascinating!. The service fee including insurance is $ 25 per person. (about 550,000 VND).

- In the afternoon, you definitely immerse yourself in the pristine blue sea water, then drink beers, have dinner and watch live performance in the city center in the evening. 

Day 4: Koh Rong – Shihanouk – Ha Tien -  Sai Gon

- The ship will pick you up to the mainland at 10 a.m, so you must be available at that time unless you have to wait for the next route at 12 o’ clock. As a result, your check  - out process at the border gate will be affected.

- As schedule, you will come back to Ha Tien at 4 p.m, then get on coach to Sai Gon at 7 p.m.

- Let’s see other photos Huy did take on the trip, and hopefully, you will have such interesting experiences this summer.

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