The Most Famous Place to Eat in Quy Nhon

During your cuisine exploration in Quy Nhon, you should definitely enjoy these tasteful dishes as followed:

1. Sau Cao Chicken

Although Quy Nhon has been popular with fresh seafood restaurants, the recommended restaurants, in which tourists make a regular visit is Sau Cao chicken. This restaurant has two locations which provide open air space.

As the name would suggest, the restaurant is famous for dishes made of chicken such as green onion steamed chicken, roasted chicken, fried chicken,  and grilled chicken. There is one thing interesting that chicken is not served in plate but in the whole one. A whole chicken is normally processed into 2 dishes, of which one is porridge or noodle soup. In addition to chicken, the restaurant offers other dishes including seafood. 

2. Lee Nieu Rice

Lee Niao Restaurant on Le Hong Phong has been locally famous for family meals. This restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes that have been familiar with Vietnamese. In addition,  it sells clay pot rice, porridge, soup, and hot pot.

All the dishes of the restaurants feature the cuisine of Central and the South region.  Noticeably, they are priced at a reasonable price, averagely 5$ per person for a meal of 6, 7 dishes that meet the standards of food hygiene and safety. In terms of space, the restaurant is pleasantly and cozily decorated, so it is suitable for both family meals and business meals.

3. Nem Nuong (Grilled Nem), fruit smoothies, and snacks at Tran Binh Trong T-junction, Phan Boi Chau

If you visit Quy Nhon, you should definitely make a visit to Tran Binh Trong T-Junction, Phan Boi Chau to enjoy various kinds snacks. This three-way crossroad has dozens of food stalls offering stir fried pancakes, rice noodles, beef noodles, grilled Nem, and fruit smoothies. You will probably full your stomach after walking around this place without having to pay much money.

4. Cay Dua Seafood Restaurant

Cay Dua Seafood Restaurant has been familiar with the locals of Quy Nhon. This restaurant features large space, pleasant decoration,  and fresh seafood of affordable prices. In addition to seafood, tourists can rice’s accompaniments such as fried fish and ribs fried with fish paste.

On average, a seafood meal is priced at 7$ – 12$ per person, depending on types and numbers of food you order. The shop works all day but very crowded in the evening. If you do not book your seats in advance and arrive at around 6.30, you will likely be refused because of the full capacity.

5. A chain of seafood restaurants on Xuan Dieu Street 

There is a series of popular seafood restaurants offering fresh fishes, shrimps, clams and mussels along Xuan Dieu Street. These restaurants feature open-air space, affordable prices, so they attract both locals and tourists. However, the quality of these restaurants is not the same, you should ask the locals for advice before eating.

6. Banh Hoi (Vietnamese fine rice noodle with beef), Chao Long (pork organ congee) of Man Restaurant

Banh Hoi (Vietnamese rice noodle with beef) is a famous speciality of Quy Nhon. This « eyes – catching » dish promises to tease your taste pubs. There is no shortage of restaurants offering this amazing dish, but for the reason of the most complimented one, I would recommend Man Restaurant. Noticeably, it only opens in the morning, so you should drop by during that time to enjoy that amazing dish. 

Banh Hoi is slightly poured on melting lard, green onions, and other pork organs. The sauce is special but simple one that is made from good - quality fish sauce, garlic and chilly. However, it is powerful enough to stir up your appetite with a mouthful. In terms of Chao Long (Pork organ Porridge), it is served with green onion, allspice to give it a better taste. In addition to Man Restaurant, you might enjoy these in Co Nam restaurant on Nguyen Chanh Street.

7. Bun Cha Ca (Fried fish noodles)

Fried fish noodles is one of the most popular food for breakfast in Quy Nhon. There is a chain of restaurants offering this dish along Nguyen Hue Street such as Ngoc Lien, Phuong Teo, Thu, etc. There are a variety of dishes for you to try, namely fish noodles, sour soup noodles with crab, jellyfish noodles,.. that are priced at 25, 000 VND. In addition, you might drop by Thuy restaurant located on Tang Bat Ho Street. It receives a lot of compliments of both locals and tourists. If you prefer tasting street food, you definitely savour this tasteful dish at food stalls along the street.


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