Best Attractive Summer Vacation Destinations in Myanmar

Whether you are an adventurer or a passionate explorer of culture, Myanmar tourism easily meets your needs.

1. Myanmar has opened to tourists.

Over the past five decades, Myanmar has been almost closed to all forms of tourism. It is almost impossible to come to visit this country if you don’t have diplomatic passport or official passport. However, over the past two years, many new polies has been adopted and Myanmar has officially opened the door for tourists. Myanmar, once a mystery in the eyes of everyone, has become one of the most attractive destinations for international visitors to visit.

2. Myanmar is not much affected by the modern pace.

Due to the recent opening, Myanmar has not been affected by the busy rhythm of modern life. Monuments and buildings from the 10th century remain intact, not too many bustling shops along the beach.

3. Bold national identity

The people of Myanmar still keep very good cultural identity and customs of their country, almost there is no cultural hybrid. The local people still wear longyi, a type of sarong. They still use Thanaka as a cream extracted from bark to replace sunscreen and skin care. On the street people still see the monks walking barefoot and the ox carts marked taxi – this is also the main means of transportation.

4. Full of adventurous things to explore

If you want to become an Indiana Jones like in the “Indiana Jones adventures” movie, Myanmar will be the destination for you. Myanmar has countless works, impressive archaeological monuments such as golden stupas and unique sophisticatedcarved murals. The country has thousands of temples, monasteries from centuries before

5. InleLake

If you want to learn more about the unique way of life among ethnic people in Myanmar, come to Inle Lake. Around this large lake area, there are many people living on the houses on stilts on the water. People still maintain the pace of a smooth life with activities such as bamboo rafts for fishing, hand made silk weaving. The Inle Lake area is famous for its precious hand-woven silk made from thin lotus petals that grow on the lake. In addition, you have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset on InleLake.

6. The busy market

During the Myanmar tour you can not ignore the Myanmar night market, the sellers put their products on the ground, under the tents to avoid the wind. In Myanmar market, there are all kinds of tropical fruits, fish, shrimp at very cheap prices.

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