Beautiful Ancient Temple In Cambodia That Will Take You Back In Time

Guests will be immersed in the natural scenery and majestic monumental architecture in the ancient Bokor Plateau.

Wat Sampov Pram is also known as the 5-boat Pagoda, located on the Bokor Plateau (Ta Lon Mountain), Kampot Province. The work was built by King Monivong in 1924 for the purpose of worship and prayer when traveling to Bokor.

The temple is not large but calm and peaceful. The most striking feature is the five large boulders shaped like sailboats, completely masterpieces that nature devotes to this highland. The main space of the temple is next to a cliff, where Buddhists from near and far come to worship and pray each time there is a great ceremony.

On the top of Ta Lon, in addition to colonial architecture, everything else is almost tied to a story and 5-boat pagoda is no exception. It is said by the natives that the five stones are the five treasure-laden vessels associated with the beginnings of the Khmer civilization.

Earlier it was said that a prince called Preah Thong fell in love with Princess Nagani - the daughter of King of the ocean in a walk in the morning. After receiving the consent of the father of the princess, the couple got married and were given five huge sailboats filled with dowry jewels. Together with the servants, the prince and his wife went to the land where the temple was located, and the boats stranded. There is no way to continue, so Prince Preah Thong decided to build his kingdom there.

Over time, the sea receded, the ground gradually rises and the five huge sailboats turn into rocks. Visitors to the Samprov Pram can see five boat-shaped stones that still exist today. Prince Preah Thong is known as the father of Khmer civilization. Around the temple there are stately statues carved. Besides, many small towers are scattered throughout the temple grounds with unique architecture.

Cambodia has countless mysteries that foreign tourists want to explore. It is also a chance and challenge to visitors from everywhere to find out the secret in this pagoda land. Set foot on Bokor Plateau, visitors will get rid of the hustle and bustle of busy streets , immersed in a vast space with green trees and cool breeze, mountain clouds floating next to the tower full of mystery. In addition to the pagodas and 5 majestic sails, visitors can also watch the immense blue sea. Especially, if you are lucky you can also see Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam when the weather is nice.

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