10 Delicious Dishes Can not be Missed When Coming to Myanmar

Lahpet (TeaLeaf Salad), Shan Rice or Myanmar Curry are excellent food that any visitor can not miss while visiting Myanmar.

In recent years, the country, located in the northwestern Indian Peninsula –Myanmar, has been called the "rising star" of the Asian tourism. Not only people, culture, landscapes but even food of this Southeast Asia country is also loved by a lot of people.

Although Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced by India, China, Thailand and many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has its own characteristics.

1. Tea leaf salad

One of the most delicious delicacies of the Myanmar people is lephet (or Lahpet) - fermented tea leaves. These tea leaves are used to make tea leaves salad and are used for snacks, appetizers or with rice.

These sour and lightly bitter tealeaves are mixed with cabbage, tomato slices, beans, garlic oil, garlic slicesand spicy chili to create a special salad.

However,it’s good to remember for tourists to Burma that tea leaves salad is considered a stimulant; if you eat too much, you may be suffered from sleeplessness like drinking too much tea.

2. Shan rice

Also known as nga htamin - fish rice, Shan rice (a tribe in Myanmar) is becoming one of the perfect choice of visitors to Myanmar.

The fragrant tasty rice is cooked with turmeric broth and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet garnished with garlic oil. Along with the spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, Shan style rice is a favorite dish for spicy fans.

3. Myanmar curry

Visiting the traditional restaurants of Myanmar, you are not only full with lots of delicious food but also have interesting dining experience. It's like enjoying Myanmar curry.

As the name implies, curry is the main ingredient but you can choose to eat pork, beef, lamb or seafood.

At the curry restaurants for Muslims, Myanmar curry will be eaten along with salad, greens, beans ...

One interesting thing about enjoying a curry Myanmar curry is that you will receive more traditional Myanmar desserts - pickled tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray.

4. Myanmar cakes and tea

Teahouses are a great place for tourists to discover and blend into traditional Myanmar food. In addition to traditional dishes, any tea shop in Myanmar also has sweet and savory cakes to sip with hot tea.

Indian teahouses or Muslims teahousesoften serve light snacks including salty pastries, breads with potatoes, toast ...

Meanwhile, Chinese-style teahouses feature steamed dumplings or sweet pastries for guests to sip with tea.

Drinking tea and enjoying the cake is a characteristic and interesting feature of the Burmese culinary culture.

5. Myanmar snacks

Unlike sweets in Western countries, sweets in Myanamar, also called "muon", are not used as desserts but become a snack with tea in the morning and in the afternoon of Myanmar people.

"Muon" doesn’t include too much surgar, instead, the sweetness is derived from other materials such as coconut fiber, coconut milk, rice flour, fruit ...

Along with the cakes, these sweet snacks become an indispensable appetite for those who like to enjoy the tea and become delicious thing to taste for visitors.

6. Deep-fried stuff

Myanmar people have a special passion for greasy food, so fried cakes of all sizes and shapes are the most popular food on the streets of Myanmar.

Fried spring rolls, donuts, yellow crispy cakes with a special flavor are served with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarinds, creating an irresistible attraction for tourists.

Most of the cakes in Myanmar are made from rice flour or glutinous rice flour, sometimes a mixture of the two powders. People mix flour with garlic, onion, ginger. These accompanying spices bring aroma to the cakes when fried in oil pan.

In addition, the powder is mixed with coconut fiber, sesame seeds, tomatoes, curry powder ... to make a variety of cakes.

7. Shan tofu noodle 

The cuisine of Shan people - an ethnic group in the North of Myanmar - is only popular among its people but even tourists at first time tasting it.

Shan food stalls stand out with large bars of tofu. The special thing about the tofu here is they are made from yellow lentils and green beans instead of regular fermented soybeans. Slices of tofu are usually served with gold noodles, soup or dumplings.

8. Nan Gyi Thohk noodles

Nan Gyi Thohk is a Burmese dish consisting of rice noodles mixed with a special chicken curry served with broth. Diners can add some lemon juice to have sour taste. Nan Gyi Thohk is like Burmese spaghetti noodles.

9. Mohinga Fish Vermicelli

This is a type of vermicelli cooked in fish soup, which is widely considered Myanmar national food.
The main ingredients are chickpea flour, roasted rice, catfish cooked in broth and many spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce ...

This dish is popular at many places in the country and is sold all day in many towns and cities. If you have the opportunity to travel in Myanmar, do not forget to enjoy delicious street food - Mohinga vermicilli.

10. Shan noodles

The typical noodle of the Shan ethnic people in northern Myanmar is the perfect combination of thin noodles and chicken, marinated pork, roasted sesame seeds and garlic flavors, served with sour pickled vegetables and broth.

Tasteful, delicious, eye-catching looks are the reason why Shan noodles are the first choice of many visitors to Myanmar.

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