Suggestion of Best Homestays & Hostels in Nha Trang

Though these are not luxurious hotels, but surely these homestay services and hostels in Nha Trang will satisfy you for their services and designs.

Ccasa Hostel
The hostel located at 40 Sao Biển street, which is only 200 meters away from the beach. Ccasa Hostel’s design based on old containers, combining with recycled materials, creates an absolutely different space than other common hotels.

Ccasa Hostel includes 43 beds in total, divided in 10 rooms. Its style inspired by the idea of cabins inside train car. Each room has air-conditioner, closets with different locks, keycard locks to ensure security. Rooms are also fully equiped with decent beds, blankets, pillows and lights for reading book, electricity slots. By only pulling the curtains above, you can have a private space when in need.
With absolutely open design, Ccasa Hostel also has courtyard decorated with nice wooden tables & chairs. The back is the green, fresh vines which is suitable for visitors to relax, chat. Besides, Ccasa Hostel has pretty and convenient kitchen, equiped with grills for those who prefer BBQ party.

The special trait of Ccasa is the rooftop area with nets set up above the ‘skywell’ (giếng trời), which always pique the interest of visitors. You can try the experience of lying on nets put above the ground. From here, you can read book, play guitar, chat with friends, or just simply enjoy ‘sweet doing nothing day’.
S:House homestay
Being one of the most favorite homestays of travelers in Nha Trang, S:House has a Western-style design; simple, friendly with nature but still has all essential facilities for living. It is interesting in the fact that the homestay lies among other local residences. The place is only 200 meters away from the beach, so just after 10 minutes you already arrive at the beach.

Besides the peaceful and familiar feeling, all the items in S:House were made by its very owner. That’s why as you step into the place, you will immediately feel the simplistic beauty, more friendly than other places. 

To explain the name ‘S:House’, the owner said that: ‘S is the abbreviation   of Sun, Sea, Smile, and Simple.’ That is also easy to understand when S:House always gives travelers the comfortable and pleasant feeling due to the place’s characteristics: always full of sunlights, near the beach, full of laughters, and simplistic design.

There are 6 rooms in S:House for you to choose from. Each room has a couple bed, a set of computer’s speaker, a working desk, a small bookshelf… and many other stuffs which will make you remember this homestay, even if only in one night. The special trait of  S:House is its focus on little details. With the belief that natural things bring the most friendly feeling, S:House always take notice on every small details in order to bring peaceful feeling for visitors coming here.
Tabalo Hostel 
Located in a wide corner, but quiet within the bustling street of Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Tabalo Hostel has a advantageous location: peaceful at night; but you can join in the boisterous atmosphere of travelers in Western street, just after 1 minute walk. And after several more minutes walk, you can enjoy yourself on the gorgeous Nha Trang beach.

Tabalo Hostel’s rooms were design like the cabin of a high-class cruise. There are 23 rooms divided in 5 floors with all essential facilities installed. Also there are group rooms for backpackers and cabin for couples or families.

While staying here, you will not believe that you are in a hostel since Tabalo Hostel has facility just like a standard hotel. You can pleasantly rest after a tiring day in these fascinating open spaces.
In addition, safety of staying visitors is the top priority rule in Tabalo. With the in-out control system, fire-alarm system, emergency exit system, camera system,… visitors can reassure about safety when staying here.

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