Top 5 Lovely Homestays & Hostels in Danang

Although not the luxurious accommodations, surely those home-stays and hostels in Danang will make you falling in love thanks to their lovely design.

Memory Hostel

The highlighted feature that makes many young people love Memory Hostel when coming to Danang is the unique architectural style. Memory Hostel’s outdoor space is totally covered by brick arranged artistically with deep brown colour. Inside each room is a subtle impressive space with flower-tiled floor.

Reportedly, stylish design of the Memory Hostel is inspired from the architectural style of Champa with the use of bricks as main material. Memory Hostel wants to give visitors an experience like living in a family in central Vietnam but still very "Western" and modern.

The interior of the hostel follows the Retro style with combination of modern and classical beauty. The furniture is mostly in traditional Vietnames style like: cement wash basin, wooden floor bath room ... and most of the materials are recycled from the ancient furniture, giving guests a feeling of nature-friendly.

Like Backpacker Hostel

Located at 22A Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, just entering Like Backpacker, you will be overwhelmed by the simple but very luxurious architecture of the hostel, which is not inferior to the luxury hotels.
The highlight of the hotel lies not only in bedroom design which makes you happy but also a unique bar and cafe - book reading area. With so many books which are always updated with new ones, sometimes you don’t want to go anywhere but sit and sip a cup of coffee to enjoy the books all day long.

Taking the wooden colour as the main tone to create a cosy and close space, Like Backpacker Hostel is the place you definitely have to come at least once to experience all the unique things that they offers.

Packo Hostel

Packo Hostel is located at 44 Lam Hoanh, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, only 1 minute walk to the My Khe - Pham Van Dong beach. The special thing make you have to "check-in" at Packo Hostel is unique rooms which are nicely designed from old shipping containers with full amenities, open space, good insulation and soundproof materials along with the solar system.

Staying at Packo Hostel, guests can sleep in the bungalow container painted very nicely such as red, yellow, white, blue ... side by side among a large area. Rooms are very nature- friendly and convenient for sightseeing even when you are not outside.

Minh House

Minh House is located at the address K30 / H01 / 03 Ha Bong, only 2 minute walk to the main beach Pham Van Dong - My Khe, including 5 apartments close together. It was built mainly by wood, creating a very luxurious and airy space.

Each apartment in Minh House has a private garden in the back yard and a public area in the front garden, fully equipped high-end facilities such as kitchen, dining table, sofa. You will feel as warm as your own house when coming to Minh House thanks to the unique combination of architectural style and botanical gardens.

Barney's Danang Backpackers Hostel

This is the model of hostel combined with café in a unique style, suitable for the big groups. The hostel also owns nice view overlooking the featured bridges of Da Nang.

In particular, the outstanding characteristic of Barney's Danang Backpackers Hostel among hotels in the same range is that each room has a clean and modern toilet with many sections, so you will not have to wait for each other though sharing the same room.

Located at 169 Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Danang Backpackers Barney's average cost is about 8 USD / 1 night, not too expensive for a clean and convenient place to stay.

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