Enjoy Meteor Shower of Eta Aquarid on the Top of Langbiang Mountain

Watching meteor shower Eta Aquarid on the top of Langbiang mountain is a great experience you will never forget in Vietnam travel, which is a spectacular natural phenomenon. Below are the nice pictures about meteor shower Eta Aquarid, which happened on May 5 in Dalat. 

This is a photo about meteor shower Eta Aquarid, which was taken on the top of Langbiang mountain – Lam Dong (2.167m high).

Every 3 or 4 minutes after the meteor shower peaked, a star will cross. Sometimes, you will be surprised by the stunning beauty of a star, which appears suddenly.  

It is hard to express the feeling when seeing directly its magical beauty, which creates fairy scenery in the sky. 

This is the most beautiful photo about milkyway when a sudden star crossed over. 

Certainly if you have chance to admire meteor shower directly in Dalat, you will never forget these magical images of nature.  Thus don’t miss them in your trip to Dalat, Vietnam.

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