The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay (Fingernail) Island

The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay Island (Fingernail Island) in Kien Giang Province has long been famous for the "paradise of sea and island" because it has so many pristine, beautiful islands that those who love traveling can also list name of the islands clearly despite setting foot on them. They are Phu Quoc, Nam Du, Ba Lua and Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands. Each island has its own beauty, but they have some things common- the wildness, fresh air that nature favors them.

The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay (Fingernail) Island

Mong Tay island is in Duong Hoa commune (Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province), tucked away with shipping lines with very few ships passing, so it becomes a true "lonely" islans. A fisherman here once joked that Mong Tay Island is the most "eccentric" island in the area. The island is situated north of the pearls island of Phu Quoc, angling between Ba Lua Islands and Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands but it "denies" belonging to a certain archipelago.
It is not exaggerative to say that Mong Tay island is “ a paradise in the paradise of ocean”. Sea water here is like the turquoise everywhere. An enchanting blue of the ocean which anytime is mentioned it, people think of the "heaven seas" such as Maldives, Bali or Koh Rong Samloem. Along with lush green coconut trees, white sand beaches stretching in the sun shining, the spacious, warm, gentle sea breeze... Mong Tay is the ideal destination in Phu Quoc for those who have love and passion with the sea.

Get immersed in the blue of the immense sea

Mong Tay island is a ideal place for camping activities, exploring the desert island and admiring the beautiful natural scenery. Mong Tay island opens in front of you the emerald crystal-clear sea water reflected by coconut trees, rocks entirely created and placed by the nature, white sand beaches… all these features bring the island a distinct beauty. Going deeper into the island, you will encounter grass lands.

You can also see some Mong Tay (enna , also called mignonette) trees - the reason for the special name of the island. You only hear the sound of the waves creasing onto the shore, the sound of wind, at that time, all the noise of town disappears. Feelings of fully merging with the immense space of the earth will create overwhelming feelings for those who come here.

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Dive and see the coral reefs

Mong Tay island has cool sea water where you can delight to swim and have fun. After that, you also can go fishing, catch crabs. Most notably, visitors can experience diving and admiring the beautiful coral reefs. Coral in Mong Tay sea is considered to be one of the top coral ecosystems in Vietnam in term of variety with 17 different species of hard and soft corals. The colorful coral reefs will surely impress the visitors.

Ideal place to selfie

Besides, the interest of taking photos of the will be met in maximum. The beautiful and unique scenery of the island is the ideal background for your photos. Watching the sunset or sunrise over the island and recording wonderful moments there are no less interesting activities on Mong Tay island.
Hon Nail has become the place to propose of foreigner couples. Maybe in the near future, it will become a dating place witnessing many romantic love stories. Proposing for marriage and taking wedding photographs on Mong Tay promise to be an unforgettable experience full of unique elements.

Listen to anecdotes of Robinson

Once visiting Mong Tay island, you can also discover the "myth" of a genuine Robinson. That is the story of Mr. An, the “lord of the island”, who is in his forties and is given the nickname of " blind knight" by the fishermen. He is the one who has given his life to the deserted island for 13 years. Although he can not see anything, he can swim from outside the island to the mainland, fast the whole month, and can predict the storm in the sea ... The exciting strange things will surely contribute to make your expedition more attractive and thrilling.

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