Visiting Chua village- Maternal Hometown of Uncle Ho (part 1)

Kim Lien Village (Sen Village) is Uncle Ho’s (Ho Chi Minh president) paternal hometown ; however, he was born in his maternal hometown, Hoang Tru village which is also known as Chua village.

Both Hoang Tru village and Kim Lien village are located on Kim Lien Commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. Hoang Tru village is approximately 2 km from Sen village, and about 15 km from Vinh city to the west. This peaceful village has Hoang Tru relics, where President Ho Chi Minh was born. This is also the place associated with the childhood years of Uncle Ho and the moving stories about his parents.
The peaceful scenery in Hoang Tru village
Mr. Hoang Duong (1835-1893), the paternal grandfather of Uncle Ho, was born into a family having a long tradition of Confucianism. He worked as a teacher and overvalues the importance of education and training people. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kep did the farming and wove cloth. They had two daughters, Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan - Uncle Ho's mother was their first daughter.

In the spring of Mau Dan, 1878, Mr. Hoang Duong, on the way to give New Year’s greetings, met a moving scene: there was a boy sitting on a buffalo and being engrossed in reading books . The boy was Nguyen Sinh Sac who lost his parents at the age of 4 and lived with his half- brother. Feeling pity and sympathetic with the child’s situation and treasured his fondness for learning, Mr. Hoang Duong asked the Nguyen Sinh family to permit him to bring up and educate the boy Nguyen Sinh Sac who was 15 years old at that time.

Thanked to the guidance and education of Mr. Hoang Duong, Nguyen Sinh Sac became more and more intelligent, and well known throughout the region; and had many good qualities; therefore, Mr. Hoang Duong and his wife loved and esteemed Nguyen Sinh Sac as if he was their own son. Until 1881, when Nguyen Sinh Sac was 18, Mr. and Mrs. Hoang Duong showed their love and would like to choose Nguyen Sinh Sac their first son in law. The betrothal ceremony of the student Nguyen Sinh Sac and Ms. Hoang Thi Loan was held in the five- compartment house of Mr. Hoang Duong. Two years later, in 1883, the couple officially got married.

The house of Mr. Hoang Duong
This house witnessed the studiousness of student Nguyen Sinh Sac, the gentleness and faith of his wife; the birth and childhood of his children. In Giap Ngo, 1894, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac passed Confucian cử nhân examination (Hương exam- first-degree examination at provincial level) of Nghe school. In 1895, he went to Hue Capital to sit the second-degree examination, but he failed; he continued studying at Quoc Tu Giam School (Imperial College) in Hue to review for the next exam. At that time, he brought his wife and his two sons in live with him in Hue. These are the years of struggle and hardship of the family. After the fourth child was born (1900), Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan passed away at age 33 in Hue (in Feb. 1901) when the third son, Nguyen Sinh Cung was 11 years old and the youngest child was a few months old. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac and his children sorrowfully left the imperial city, and returned to Hoang Tru village to live.

Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac and Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan- Uncle Ho’s parents
Three months later, Hội exam- the second-examination (at the capital) of Xinchou (year 1901), Nguyen Sinh Sac left his children to their maternal grandmother, then returned to hue and attended the test. Excellently, he repaid his parents in law for their service, requited the faithful love of his late wife because he got the Phó bảng (Junior doctor) degree in this exam and was given the sign "Ân tứ ninh gia" (King’s favour given to a good and happy family) by King Thanh Thai.

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