The Ideal Places to See Clouds in Lao Cai

The period from December to the end of February is the most suitable time to start the adventure to "hunt clouds" in Lao Cai. Here are some suggestions of places to hunt ecstatically beautiful clouds for those who have this passion.

#1. Y Ty (Bat Xat)
Cloud in Y Ty is as white as strips of silk
Referring to places to "hunt clouds" in Lao Cai, we can not forget to mention Y Ty. It is considered a "sea of clouds" of the frontier land. The feeling when standing on the mountain looking down the dimly visible seas of clouds covering the village is indeed marvelous. Cloud in Y Ty is not as blue as it is in Sapa, but is as white as strips of silk crossing the villages of Ha Nhi ethnic.

The cloud and people in Y Ty
#2. The town of Sapa

Not as pristine as Y Ty, Sapa town is like a boat floating in the white clouds, the reason why it is called "cloud river" is that clouds here very are thick, spotless white, and covers throughout the valleys. When the sun rises, the sunshine combines with winds and creates waves of cloud flying up and down between the slopes. And at that moment, you will have the opportunity to admire the villages with dimly visible rows of pine creating a beautiful ink wash painting.
Cloud covers the air of Sapa town
#3. O Quy Ho Pass

O Quy Ho Pass, also known as Hoang Lien Pass (because the pass crossing Hoang Lien Son mountain range) or Clouds Pass for the pass is covered by clouds all year round. Located on Highway 4D crossing the Hoang Lien Son, O Quy Ho Pass connects Lao Cai and Lai Chau with the peak of the pass is also the boundary between the two provinces, in which, 2/3 of the pass is belonged to Tam Duong district, Lai Chau; the remaining a third is located in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. This is probably the longest pass in the northwest Vietnam mountainous area, with a length of nearly 50 km, longer than Pha Din Pass (32 km long, located on the borders of the provinces of Son La and Dien Bien ) or Khau Pha Pass (almost 40 km, of Yen Bai). The height, the length, and the craggy appear of O Quy Ho Pass make it be unofficially dubbed the "king of the North West Pass"

Clouds on O Quy Ho pass
Dubbed as one of the four longest passes of the Northwest, O Quy Ho is a destination that makes any backpackers want to conquer. The beauty of the O Quy Ho Pass changes interestingly. On the territory of Lao Cai it is misty, but it is sunny in Lai Chau area. Besides, is indeed a wonderful experience if you can stand at an altitude of 2,000m on O Quy Ho Pass to see the sunset with white cloud.

#4. The town of Muong Khuong

The scenery in Muong Khuong town has some similarities wit it’s in Ha Giang. It also has high majestic mountains nestled in the sea of clouds. When the sun rises and tear the thick layer of cloud in the mountain and slowly shines, visitors will see a very gorgeous scenery, below them is a bright town, and above them are the silver clouds squeezing between the mountainsides.

Muong Khuong is also an ideal place to see clound in Lao Cai
#5. On the top of Phanxipang

Fansipan , the highest mountain in Vietnam, belongs toc Hoang Lien Son mountain range. To conquer the "Roof of Indochina", travelers need to be well prepared physically and certainly need the help as well as being guided by local people or tour guide.
The sea of clouds seen from Fansipan peak
To admire the sea of clouds on top of Fansipan at the right occasion depending on the weather, but if photographers and backpackers want to watch the clouds at both dawn and dusk, they must sleep on the top of the mountain so that they can fully admire the grandeur of the scenery as well as to capture the most beautiful photos.

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