The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province

The poetic beauty of Bu Lach grassland, the vast Bu Map national park, the rhythmic sound of rice pounders ... are the unforgettable and irresistible charms when you arrive in Binh Phuoc.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
The tourist attractions in Binh Phuoc

- By public transports

Visitors can catch cars to Binh Phuoc at the bus stations in provinces. You should also study the terminal time, ticket prices, location, places nearby bus station before arriving. Upon arrival, you could rent the motorbike taxi to go to the landmarks.

In Hochiminh city, you can buy tickets at the Mien Dong (Eastern) bus station. Ticket prices range from 100,000- 250,000 VND depending on the destination and vehicle quality.

- By private vehicles (cars or motorcycles)

From Saigon, there are two paths leading to Binh Phuoc, one is from Binh Trieu Bridge, and along Highway 13, the other one is along Saigon bridge to Hanoi highway. Estimated travel time is about 2 hours (110km).

Note that when travelling by personal vehicles, you should bring all legal papers related to the vehicles and comply with road traffic safety rules.

Best time to visit Binh Phuoc

In the dry season, visitors can move conveniently, there is also less mosquitoes and insects...; however, the view is not as beautiful or majestic as it is during the rainy season. This image can be seen most clearly in the water in the waterfall, vast painting of grasslands or quantity of wildlife animals in national parks.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
A waterfall in rainy season

Prices of hotels and motels in Binh Phuoc range from 100,000-500,000 VND. You can refer to the following list of hotels: Thien Thanh, Van Anh and Thanh Sang, Truc Nga...

The only problem is that most of the motels, hotels are quite far from the attractions, so the best suggestion is to carry the camping tent to save money and be convenient. Shacks are available for rent in Bu Map national park.

Places to visit in Binh Phuoc

Coming to Binh Phuoc, tourists should not forget to visit Bu Map national park, where has a rich and valuable and rare ecosystem of flora and fauna, and a pristine, majestic forest painting. However, to discover the park, you should pocket the following notes: first, you should contact in advance so the management board will send guides or rent a motorbike to for you (in case you travel by car, or bus). Second, there are two tours to explore the park, taking a trip around the Ring Road (142km long) or taking a bath in streams, waterfalls and staying overnight in the woods. In term of food, you can carry food or dine in the canteen, but if staying in the shack, it is compulsory to bring food.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
The pristine nature in Bu Map national park

Prices of some services: Fares to visit: 70,000dong/ visitor. Forest tour guides: VND 200,000/ day. Accommodation prices: VND 200,000/ room / night. Prices of dining at the cafeteria: 25,000 dong / set.

Besides exploring the Bu Map National Park, you can explore the Vietnam's largest humid rainforest ecosystem in Cat Tien National Park, adventurously sit in Ba Ra cable car, visit Binh Long peaceful land, conquer the system of interesting caves and poetic springs.

Also, you can look at Suoi Cam lake (Dong Xoai Town), Thac Mo lake (Phuoc Long district), Soc Xiem lake and Suoi Lam lake (Dong Phu District), lie on grass, boat on the lake, enjoy tasty dishes, or indulge in immense feeling in Bu Lach grassland or admire the beautiful natural picture in the pristine waterfalls, climb Bang Lang hill to see the beautiful Thac Mo town nestled in green trees ....

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
Rubber forest in Binh Phuoc
Visitors who are interested in history can explore places like Bom Bo village, Ta Thiet revolutionary base, Loc Ninh entertainment house, grave of 3,000 people, Tau O – Xom Ruong (Binh Long) victory stele.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
Bom Bo villagers are pounding rice

Visiting Binh Phuoc Province and Listening to the Sound of the Pestle in Bombo Village

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