5 Romantic Experiences for a Honeymoon Trip on Co To Island

Hand in hand walking on the path of love, seeing the sunset together or giving a small party on the beach are what you should try when taking a honeymoon trip Co To Pearl Island

Co To is also a tourist attraction of Quang Ninh province

In addition to the famous Halong Bay, Quang Ninh has another tourist destination which attracts both domestic and international visitor. It is Co To paradise island. Co To owns the blue sea, white sand and the attractive tourist activities. With many couples, Co to is also fascinating because of the experiences bringing the romantic and peaceful moments to the them, and is an ideal place to be on a honeymoon trip.

Hand in hand in “the path of love"

Hand in hand in “the path of love"

The charm of the island Co To is the spacious, tranquil and romantic nature. The road of more than 2 km long paved with red bricks along the coast and is the own "specialty" of Co To sea. Here, you and your lover can hold hands and walk on red-tiled path with two lines of poplar along the two roadsides. Sauntering along the road, couples can feel the comfortable see- breeze, the sound of breaking waves, the cool green of the trees, golden light of the sun.... and confide on each other the story of love, life, you will feel that you used to witness this familiar image somewhere in the romantic Korean drama on TV.

Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the sea

The sunrise on Co To island is glamorous

Not only is Co To the ideal place for bathing, visitors can also admire the incredibly beautiful harmony of the heaven and the earth in the beginning and ending moments of the day by the sea. Hong Van Beach, Nam Hai Beach, Van Chay Beach... are beautiful places for you to experience that moment together. Walking together on the fine sand, inhaling deep breaths the smell of the ocean and watching the breaking waves in the romantic scene will help you easily open your hearts, share the same several things to understand each other better.

The sunset on the island is equally romantic and attractive
BBQ party on the beach

BBQ tables made of sand
One of the exciting beaches being vey lively at night in Co To is located near the town center, with a "specialty"- the BBQ party on the beach. You can prepare yourselves sweet rewards for the end of the day by getting up early to go shopping, buying seafood like squid, clams, oysters... to grill in the evening. If choosing skillfully and meticulously, you can build the unique BBQ tables made of sand to have moments of deep relaxation together.

Fleeing to Little Co To Island

Unlike the crowded bustling scene commonly seen in some other beaches, the beach in Little Co To is very spacious and sparse promising to give you a comfortable, free, and private space. Little Co To Island is uninhabited, and protected by a military sentry post. In order to reach the Little Co To Island, tourist travel by boat from Bac Van port (about 7 km from the town in about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the weather.

Seeing the panorama of Co To from the lighthouse

About 4 km from the town, situated in a 101m high mountain, the lighthouse is the most ideal place for you to enjoy the panorama of large Co To Island and surrounding islands. From here, you can capture the views of the beautiful dreamy sea town with green trees, winding roads, long sparkling coastline, small fishing vessels or simple roofs.

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