Top 5 five-star hotels in Hanoi

Hanoi is not only the capital of traditional values and the soul of Vietnam but also a capital of dynamic and modern development. Nowadays, this capital attracts many tourist' attraction from many countries all over the world. Besides the popular tourist destination and delicious food, Hanoi also has a system of luxury hotels with many international standard five-star hotels. Below, I will introduce you to the top 5 five-star hotels that you should consider to choose when traveling to this land. 


Calidas Landmark 72 Hotel is located in the heart of Keangnam Landmark building which is known as the highest building in Vietnam. It is far from about 7 km from central Hanoi and convenient for tourists to go to many interesting destinations in the capital. As one of the famous five-star hotels, Calidas Landmark Hotel promises to bring you a wonderful holiday in Hanoi. With a large area, Calidas Landmark is considered as a miniature city and a new world in the heart of Hanoi. Calidas Landmark has 378 rooms and is divided into many kinds of rooms from 50 m2 to 148 m2. At the same time, each room is full of equipment to bring convenience together with living space for visitors as their own home. Calidas Landmark Hotel also provides many sports activities, recreation, and relaxation in the common spaces of the building.


Located right in the heart of the capital, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is a luxurious five-star hotel in the Sofitel system that is available in many countries around the world. From the first sight, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi will make you attracted by the ancient French style architecture. It is not only extremely magnificent and romantic but also modern and classy. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi owns 364 rooms which are divided into 6 different types of rooms. They are suitable for different demands of visitors. With a unique and sophisticated decoration style, rooms are equipped with many facilities and equipment, you will be immersed in the great atmosphere or enjoy the relaxing moments and discover new strange things in the days of tourism in Hanoi. At Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, you can also enjoy many thoughtful services from restaurants, bars, health and beauty care and so on. Besides, the staffs are very professional, enthusiastic and friendly.


Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel is a unique and impressive building completely built on the West Lake. It includes a 5-floors main building, 3 separate villas and a total of 293 rooms which is about 4 hectares. With modern, elegant and harmonious style, Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake is more and more famous and is chosen by tourists to stay during the day in Hanoi. All rooms of the Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel are delicately designed. It expresses the classy elegance of the 5-star hotel because of the wooden interior and the unique decorative motifs. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake also has the natural green space, beautiful and tranquil in West Lake. So, you can admire the beautiful, romantic, brilliant of Hanoi in the dawn, sunset and night. 


Moevenpick Hanoi Hotel is one of the most popular five-star hotels in Hanoi that is appreciated by many tourists. It is in the top choice of hotels for business and international travelers in Hanoi. The Moevenpick Hotel is an impressive hotel that is designed in French colonial architecture. It is also a unique and luxurious hotel with a total of 154 rooms. Each room is decorated individually in the classical tone mixed with modern tone sophisticatedly. Besides, rooms are equipped with modern facilities to create a private space for relaxation after visiting many tourist sites in Hanoi. Moreover, the Moevenpick Hotel also offers guests international-style parties and delicious food on a varied menu. You also will be experienced health care services with many professional staffs. 


The Somerset Grand Hanoi is a large mansion in the heart of the capital surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment areas. With the international standard 5 stars, Somerset Grand Hanoi increasingly affirms the attraction for tourists. Somerset Grand Hanoi Hotel has 25 floors with 185 rooms. There are different types of rooms for travelers from 1 to 6 people. Each room is spacious, airy, and eye-catching, creative and full of facilities. Guests staying at this hotel can easily take a stroll in Hoan Kiem Lake. Because of this, the Somerset Grand Hanoi Hotel always makes you feel confident and happy to choose. Whenever you have the opportunity to travel Hanoi, do not hesitate to consider to choose this hotel once again.

Beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa Province that you should visit in your holiday

Located about 180 kilometers from Hanoi city, in the NorthEast of Vietnam. Thanh Hoa is famous for many beautiful beaches with clear water and fresh atmosphere. Every summer, beaches in Thanh Hoa attract a large number of tourists. Here, I will recommend you 5 beautiful beaches that you should spend your holiday to travel there.

1. Sam Son beach

Sam Son beach

Sam Son is known as one of the first beaches that were exploited by people in the northern provinces. Sam Son Sea is located about 16 kilometers in the east of Thanh Hoa. The seaside was used by the French as a private beach in 1906 with many old villas, including the resort of King Bao Dai. Sam-Son is more than 10 kilometers in length. Especially, its wave is very big and large and it also has smooth water, smooth sand, and moderate salt. Sam-Son has not only the beautiful beach but also many famous landscapes and heritage. Co Giai is one example. It is the places that Truong Le Mountain approaches with the sea and Doc Cuoc temple (also known as Gam Temple) It is located on the top of Co Giai. It attached many tourists because of its legend. In addition, the Kissing Rocks (in Vietnam, it is called Hòn Trống Mái). It is different from Kissing Rocks in Ha Long Bay because of its location.

2. Bai Dong

Bai Dong

Bai Dong is the beach of Nghi Son peninsula, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province. It is not as busy as other famous beaches in Thanh Hoa. Only peaceful scenery for anyone who would like to relax. The beach is quite wild, but its landscapes are naturally beautiful. Blue sea and white sand here will attract any visitors to go to Bai Dong. When coming here, you enjoy the feeling under the beach with friends or family. You can also lie on the beach to read books, listen to music and enjoy the atmosphere. You will feel bad things is over and your sadness seems to disappear.

3. Hai Hoa Sea

Hai Hoa Sea

From Thanh Hoa city to Cang Gia town about 40 km, you only turn left about 3 kilometers to reach Hai Hoa Sea. Hai Hoa Sea has been known for several years when people here began to exploit along the sea. Nowadays, it becomes a destination for tourism. The sea is still pristine with wild nature, white sand and green casuarinas all year round. In the sunrise, local people begin with their work. The fish market is right on the beach with fresh fish and shrimp. The market usually finishes in the noon. Especially in Hai Hoa Sea, there is a special dish made from jellyfish. Some coastal restaurants can serve dishes such as snakes sea, lobsters, and fishes. Moreover, in Hai Hoa, you can also buy seafood from the boat dock or from the nets which local residents catch in each morning and afternoon. You can have the chefs process them according to your own taste.

4. Hai Thanh Sea

Hai Thanh Sea

Hai Thanh Sea is located in Hai Thanh Commune, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province. Its length is about 4 kilometers and stretches from Thoi mountain to Du Xuyen Mountain. The beach is small and has medium waves with peaceful fishing villages. Offshore is Hon Me with about 10 large and small islands. Not only relaxing and bathing, visitors can visit many historical vestiges such as Dot Tien pagoda, Quang Trung Temple, and the Ba Lang parish church. Hai Thanh is usually busy with fishing villages. Here, there is a famous fish sauce and it called Ba Lang fish sauce. Besides, there are also some fresh products such as crabs, snails, blue mussels, shrimp, and so on. Do not hesitate to visit Hai Thanh Sea to enjoy wonderful things.

5. Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien beach is located 175 kilometers from Ha Noi and 30 kilometers from Thanh Hoa city. Hai Tien Sea has been introduced to serve tourists from a few years with a length of 12 kilometers. Fresh air and long sands are available for you. So, you can relax and enjoy the cool water. The seashore is highlighted with oyster sentry boxes, square salt fields, and natural green forest. Hai Tien beach is still pristine with undeveloped services. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the tranquil natural blue sea and the peaceful fishing villages. You can go to the seafood market early in the morning, buy something and ask the chefs in your hotel to cook or order food at home with reasonable prices.

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Top Reasons to Stay At Least One Night on Halong Bay Cruises

The one of 7 World’s Wonders of Nature - Halong Bay must be a not-to-be-missed destination for every tour packages to Indochina thanks to its glamourous beauty and luxuriously fun-of-fun vessels. Indeed, cruising is the best way to deeply discover the Bay and its surrounding areas. The top reasons to stay at least one night on Halong Bay cruises are listed below.

Party All Day and Night

According to many domestic and international passengers, one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences they’ve ever had in their Vietnam beach holidays is a cruise in Halong Bay. Except the day-tour cruise when you don’t really have enough time to discover the Bay, the overnight ones will definitely guarantee to bring you more than your expectations for your endless party in Vietnam. The Sundeck on any Halong Bay Cruises is totally out of this world, where you can easily contemplate the breathtaking landscape with thousands of limestone islets as well as the fresh emerald water. It is also the place where the sunset party takes place during dusk, offering you the opportunity to make friends with other passengers from different places in the world, enjoy some beers or rice wine and learn how to cook the essential Vietnamese foods.

Pearl Farm Discovery

After enjoying a peaceful night on boat, you might have a chance to come to a local farm to learn more about how most of jewelry stuffs in Vietnam are made. The trip also offers you the opportunity to meet and with the local fishermen in Halong bay, observe their daily activities to earn the living. There, the tour guide will help you to have an overview of Pearl as well as its unbelievable values. You will also have chance to witness the whole process to produce Jewelry from natural oysters.

Ideal Place for Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the favorite activities that you will have chance to experience on an at-least-one-night trip in Halong Bay. The kayak here is nicely designed for 2 people, thus, it might be the time for you and your darling to discover the beauty of Halong together, paddling through stunning grottos, enjoying the fresh atmosphere while soaking hands in the fresh water. Furthermore, it is impeccable to go kayaking during dusk when you will contemplate the sunset over the bay as well as incredible reflections of majestic islets in the emerald water.

Stunning Caves

A cruise in Halong Bay also takes you to the most breathtaking caves in Vietnam, which dates back to millions of years ago. Once setting foot in the caves, especially the largest one called Sung Sot (Surprising), you will be wowed by a giant system of stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes, which will surely challenge your imagination.

Fun Activities

On-board activities must surely be the things you will never forget after leaving from Halong Bay. When the night falls, you will be attracted to various entertainments hosted by the boat crew from playing cards, squid fishing, karaoke etc. You can also have some fresh drinks in the bar and lay stretched on the sundeck to enjoy cool sea breezes or get acquaintance with other tourists on the vessel.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Cambodia

Enjoying sunrise at Angkor Wat, scenic cruising on the Tonle Sap, experiencing the unique bamboo train, visiting ethnic villages in Mondulkiri are some of the most interesting things that travelers should try in Cambodia. I hope that after reading this post, you will sure have some great ideas for your Indochina holiday packages.

1. Enjoy the sunrise at Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is the most beautiful, the biggest and located in the most prime location among all the temples of Angkor. Angkor Wat, the pinnacle of Khmer architecture, was built under the reign of King Suryavarman II in the first half of the 12th century. The temple is famous for the long corridors carved by hundreds of Hindu bas-reliefs and thousands of stuning Apsara images. In particular, getting up early and watching sunrise moments at Angkor Wat is the experience that you will never forget.

2. Enjoy a performance by the Apsara 
While exploring the ruins of Angkor, surely you can see the carvings of Apsara dancers on the temples’ walls. Apsara dance is one of most important Cambodian traditional art forms, performed by beautiful and charming women. When travelling to Cambodia, especially Siem Reap, you should not miss these unique shows.

3. Take a boat cruise on the Tonle Sap
Tonle Sap, the most important lake in the country, is also the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia region. The lake extends and changes amazingly every season. From November to May – during the dry season, the lake is almost dry and it becomes much wider with lots of amazing floating villages in the rainy season. Taking a boat on Tonle Sap Lake is a good chance for you to understand more about the local life.

Furthermore, you can book one of Mekong River cruises on Tonle Sap area to easily explore the majestic Mekong river and its basin.

Explore Mekong River on Rv Jayavarman Cruise 

4. Experience Bamboo Train
Battambang is well known for its norris or Bamboo Train – the unique vehicle which is also main mean of transportation in the region thanks to quickness and cheap price. Guests can catch bamboo train  anywhere in Battambang with only USD 8/person/time.

5. Kayaking
Discovering the floating villages on the lake by kayak is considered a must-try experience when visiting Battambang. 
Green Orange Kayaks, a local NGO providing free English classes for people, is also the supplier of kayaking tour for tourists. You can rent a kayak for a half day trip departing from Ksach Poy village. From this small village on the countryside of Battambang, visitors can paddle along the Stung Sangke River and return the city.

6. Explore cuisine in Siem Riep
Siem Reap attracts visitors not only by famous Angkor temples but also well known delicious dishes. The special dishes here are always an exciting mystery with culinary enthusiasts: simple appearance but very attractive and meticulous procedure to create, which can be listed as: Fish amok, bun burden Nom banh chok fish curry, papaya salad Tomyam, jaggery cake cow, food from insects etc.

7. Visit the ethnic minority village in Mondulkiri
Khmer people are main population in Cambodia but there are many other ethnic minorities living here. And if guests want to have more experience, do not forget to discover ethnic minority areas in Mondulkiri in Cambodia. Located in western Cambodia, Mondulkiri is given natural beauty with exotic pristine jungles, deep green hills and majestic waterfalls.
In addition, communities of ethnic minority people here are very friendly and honest, which would be an ideal destination for adventurous travellers.

8. Enjoy seafood in the town of Kep
Kep is a small lovely town which borders both the sea and mountain. This was one of the leading places in Cambodia for relaxing during colonial period, so the buildings and architecture here still feature the French style. In particular, visitors should not ignore specialty of Kep - crab cooked with green peppers- the tasty dish that you will never forget once trying.

9. Enjoy a glass of beer in Pub Street
Located in Siem Reap’s downtown, Pub Street is famous among travellers with built-up houses, restaurants and bars, offering a bustling nightlife. This is called “Western Street” as it is the meeting point of foreign tourists in Cambodia for meeting each other and enjoying specialties in this area at night. The most interesting way to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere in this place is ordering a glass of beer while chatting with your friends and admiring the street.

10. Shopping in the market in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, so it is easy to understand why there are so many places for tourists to shop. Phnom Penh markets sell everything from souvenirs to the local specialties. If you are someone who likes shopping, you can make a stop to shopping destinations in Phnom Penh like: Phnom Penh Night Market, Olympic Market, Russian Market, Lucky Supermarkets, Sorya Shopping Center etc.

6 Must Try Dishes in Myanmar

Tea leaf salad, Nga htamin (fish rice) or sweet cakes are some of must try item of food in Burma.

Lephet Thoke (tea leaf salad): When it comes to the golden land, we cannot ignore the exotic tea leaf salad of this country called lephet thoke. The dish has the main ingredient of fermented tea leaves which then mixed with shredded cabbage, tomato, roasted beans and nuts, chili and garlic.

Nga htamin (fish rice): This dish is made with rice which cooked with turmeric then covered with a layer a crispy fish’s skin and garlic oil. It is usually served with deep – fried pork rinds bringing the distinctive flavors.

Burmese curry: This is the traditional Burmese dish which combines many condiments and ingredients. Pork, beef, mutton, fish and shrimp can all accompany with this special curry. The uniqueness of this dish comes from an incredible sauce made from fish and Balachaung (a condiment of fried onions, shrimp, garlic, ginger and chili).

Bumese curry is one of the famous dishes of Belmond Orcaella Cruise's chef
Moun, bein moun, moun pyit thalet (Burmese sweet cakes): Burmese people usually have breakfast and afternoon tea with sweet snacks. The sweet flavor of these cakes comes from coconut milk, grated coconut, sticky rice and fruits unlike other have the sweetness from sugar.  A perfect example of sweet snacks in Burma is Has nwin ma kin, a small cake made of mixture from flour, coconut milk, butter and raisins.

Hto – hpu nwe: This is a kind of food made from a kind of pea planted in Myanmar which then used to cook porridge. Hto hpu nwe is served with a sticky yellow sauce, herbs and chili flakes. You can also add chickens or pork to enhance the flavors.

Nangyi thoke (Burmese fried noodles): Burmese people seem to be addicted with fried dishes in which Nangyi thoke is one of locals’ favorites. Thick noodles are fried then put together with chicken, fish, poached bean sprouts and boiled egg. The ingredients then mixed with bean powder, turmeric and chili to bring the distinctive flavor for the dish.         

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Experience of Travelling to Langbiang Highland in Dalat

There are many attractions to visit in the city of thousand flowers, but Langbiang is one of the impressive destinations that certain visitors can not visit when visiting Dalat. Langbiang has long been considered a symbol of immortality for the legendary Central Highlands, associated with the legend of the love story of Lang and Biang.

For more information about the legendary mountain peaks of the Central Highlands, as well as more experience exploring Langbiang, we would like to introduce to you the article Experience of travelling to Langbiang Dalat. Hopefully with these sharing, you will have a trip with interesting experiences in the "roof of the Highlands".

About the legendary Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang is the highest mountain in Lam Vien, consisting of many different mountains, not just one Langbiang. In addition, Langbiang is called by the natives called Mother Mountain, consisting of two mountains called Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain. Langbiang is located in Lac Duong district, not too far from Dalat city center about 12km to the north.

The name Langbiang is associated with many interesting stories that not everyone knows. Ones must understand the culture of the Central Highlands to understand the origin, history and the name Langbiang. The Tay Nguyen people call Langbiang the Mother Mountain because matriarchal thought has long been embedded in the cultural transmission of residents (the matriarch is a long-standing social system in human history, and in our country The Central Highlands is the only place that maintains this regime by promoting and celebrating the role of women in the family and society.) Pictures of two mountains leaning on one another as if covering each other, suggesting the beauty and sacrifice of the woman.

Besides, the name Langbiang also associated with a legend and the love story of the love affair of talented son Lang and Biang. It is said that boys and girls born in two different tribes have accidentally met and fell in love with each other earnest. But the contrary, the customs and laws of the people have forbidden the two come together, so the two have escaped to the top of the mountain ... Their peaceful life ended when Biang fell ill . After a period of healing, Lang went down to find the healer Biang but the villagers chased and killed him. Biang bravely caught the poisonous arrows for Lang and died. Lang was so painful, his tears flowing into a large stream that is still called by the name of Golden Stream to remember the love story of Lang and Biang. The mountains where the boys and girls lie down have turned into two mountain peaks standing together that is still called Langbiang Mountain or Mother Mountain.


If you want to visit Hang Nga Dalat villa, you can easily choose the transportation because this electricity is located in the center of the city, to reach the top of Langbiang mountain, visitors will have to find out thoroughly to choose the most suitable vehicle because terrain is quite difficult.

Jeeps: Jeeps are a popular choice for tourists visiting Langbiang. Jeeps will take visitors from the foot of the mountain to the top of Radar in a simple and quick way. Beside that fun comedy with lots of fun stories are fun experiences for visitors. With this move you will save your time and "health" but the trip will lack of interesting challenges.

Walking: Walking is also one of the favorite choices of travelers to conquer Langbiang. Visitors can go along the asphalt road built from the foot of the mountain up to the Radar Hill area. With a length of about 6km plus steep terrain, visitors can take about 2 hours or more to reach the Langbiang.
Climbing: Climbing or Trekking is one of the exciting experiences to conquer Langbiang. Visitors will move to the top of the mountain by following the trails in the jungle for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the person. Although not easy, climbing is a great option for those who are interested in exploring and challenging.

Experience in the legendary mountain

Not only the highest mountain in Dalat, Langbiang also attracts visitors by the beautiful sights and interesting entertainment activities. So do not miss these great things, let’s visit the legendary LangBiang. It will be an ideal choice for visitors to fully enjoy the impressive experience with Langbiang.

From the top of the mountain you can see the "whole" embrace of the beautiful city of Dalat. A large city is soon lost in a picture in your eyes. Heaven and nature immense grandeur will embrace the traveler and bring the best feeling.

Coming to Langbiang, visitors will not only enjoy the majestic natural beauty, but also participate in many interesting and interesting activities here. Visitors can explore the cultural traditions of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands through activities such as camp fire, gong festivals, drinking wine and soulful souls following the legendary stories of this sacred land. In addition, with the kind of unique picnic travel like climbing, paragliding, down the mountain with a string, watching the city with binoculars or making a cowboy on horseback ..., also the interesting experience for visitors.

Langbiang is a magnificent natural masterpiece that the Creator has bestowed on the Central Highlands. Come to Langbiang to experience and discover, you will definitely have a trip with the best memories. Again we hope that with the article Experience of travelling to Langbiang Da Lat, visitors will have more useful knowledge about the legendary mountain and experience to explore Langbiang.

The Little Japan in Saigon – Beautiful Food Paradise

Not only is an 'outdoor studio' with many beautiful corners, Little Japan also has many restaurants with many standard Japanese dishes.

In the midst of bustling Saigon, with plenty of places to eat, you can also find yourself a peaceful space full of Japanese identity. Located in the alleyways of Le Thanh Ton - Thai Van Lung Street, a popular Japanese area is known as "Japan Town" or "Little Japan" of Saigon.

Just over 2km in District 1, from 15A, 15B Le Thanh Ton street to Thai Van Lung, and the surrounding streets like Ngo Van Nam, Thi Sach ... you will easily catch a lot of Japanese restaurant with wooden doors and bilingual signs.

Nearly "uniforms", the whole area has signs of wood, fabric, lantern in white and red color tone and the rolling door, which is characteristic of the country of cherry flowers. If there are no Vietnamese address lines, you would think you are in the middle of Tokyo.

This place is the focal point of 70 stores ranging from dining, spa, business establishments of the Japanese or related to Japan. Different from the other loud, bustling streets in Ho Chi Minh City, everything is cozy, small, beautiful, quiet in Little Japan.

Not only attracts visitors by the shops, but also the favorite place of photography, Little Japan is loved by young people, celebrity, magazine photography, fashion photo space… which is like a beautiful “outdoor studio".

In addition to businesses, the neighborhood is home to about 300 Japanese households, retaining many cultural characteristics, especially the civilization, cleanness and quietness.

You can go from many directions to the area, the most popular is from 8 Le Thanh Ton alley, with many shops. The legendary check in wall is enjoyed by many young people.

Just dressed in style and pose well, check in Japan, you can "fool" many people that you are traveling rather than in Saigon.

Most of the restaurant here is a gourmet restaurant with the characteristic of retaining the original flavor of the dish, partly because the owner is Japanese, partly because many Japanese are also living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here, you can find most of the dishes from the popular to the country's rising sun like Ramen noodles, pancakes, Takoyaki pancakes, sashimi, sushi, mochi ... Taste is still very " Japanese standard".

The Must-see in Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Cathedral

Phat Diem cathedral is a 22 ha Catholic church complex located in Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. Phat Diem cathedral is considered by the media to be one of the most beautiful churches in Vietnam, like the "Catholic capital" of Vietnam.

Thung Nham Bird Sanctuary

Thung Nham Bird Sanctuary, located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, is one of the tourist destination full of cultural, spiritual, landscape and biodiversity factors. Beside the pleasure of sitting on the boat, admiring the lagoon, visitors also explore the wildlife of nearly 40 species of birds with about 50 thousand ones.

Galaxy Cave

The Galaxy Cave (Thien Ha Cave) is located in Son Ha Commune, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province. The cave lies hidden in the mountain range, a mountain in the Trang An range. Mount Tuong is considered as a guard to protect Hoa Lu of King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh. To explore the Galaxy cave, visitors will move from Muong Tho Ha village, Son Ha commune to a small canal with the length of about 1 km in the Ben river system, then continue to peddle on the 500 m long stone road near the foot of the Chess Mountain to get to the gates.

Hoa Lu ancient capital

Hoa Lu ancient capital is an important national relic complex and one of the four core areas of the World Heritage complex of Trang An. Historic Hoa Lu Ancient Historic Site has an area of ​​13.87 km² in Ninh Binh Province. With a time of more than 1000 years, ancient capital of Hoa Lu is a place to store historical relics through the ages.

Thai Vi Temple

Thai Vi temple in Van Lam village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, King Tran Thai Tong, Tran Thanh Tong ... The legend of Thai Vi temple was built on the palace of Vu Lam servants of Tran kings. Every three years, Thai Vi temple held a festival in 3 days from March 14-16 (lunar calendar) attracts many visitors to the cross.

Kim Son islands

Bai Ngang, also known as Kim Son island, is recognized by UNESCO as the world biosphere reserve. The area has about 200 species of birds, including 60 migratory birds, more than 50 species of birds. Many rare species are listed in the world's red book such as: royal spoonbill, albatross, white stork... Currently, few visitors know this place.

Dong Chuong Lake

Dong Chuong is a natural freshwater lake located in Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. The lake is bent around the pine hills and has a perimeter of nearly 8 km. Surrounding the lake are pine shingles that create a fresh and romantic space between the majestic mountains and forests.

Ninh Binh Valley Homestay

Ninh Binh Valley Homestay is an ideal place for visitors who love beauty close to nature. Homestay is built in a vast valley of tranquil countryside of Hoa Lu district, surrounded by homestay is water and mountain so every afternoon you can watch the sun go down under the mountains. Sitting in bamboo houses you will also see white storks returning to the valley to find a place to sleep.

The bungalows here are designed with materials close to nature and environmentally friendly such as wood, bamboo, roof ... which is cool in summer and warm in winter. At any location of homestay, you can also enjoy the view of green nature. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for any guest staying here.

Chezbeo Valley Bungalows

If you are bored with the resort, the ocean view resort is full of sunshine, and you want to find somewhere simple and calm, try Chezbeo Valley Bungalows, where you will feel like home, and the peace of mind when we wake up in the morning among a natural green space.

Chezbeo is a homestay located in the village of Kha Luong, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, very close to Tam Coc, Bich Dong. From Hanoi, you can go motorbike to this place, then visit the famous scenic spots in Ninh Binh is also very convenient.

Chezbeo especially attracted people at first glance because the design which is completely different. Instead of staying in solid houses, you will have the feeling of "hidden" in the huts between the mountains and water.

Experience The Sunrise in Bagan – The Most Beautiful Time in The Day

Bagan is not an strange destination for Myanmar travelers. Bagan is the land of rustic carriages, the ancient capital of Myanmar ... the world of thousands of ancient temples and colorful balloons.

Bagan is the most beautiful at dawn, if you come here, let’s say goodbye your warm bed, find a high temple can climb, spend time enjoying the beautiful scene of dawn, beautiful sobs, the scene can make the most demanding people also have to surprise.

The whole scene is immersed in frog in the early morning under the red of the dawn, on the temple floor.

As the sun is about to appear, the "giant bubbles" are ready to be released into the sky.

The sun appeared, the balloon also rose high, the sky was no longer dark, the fairy scene is emerging before the eyes of travelers.

It is said in Bagan that the two most beautiful times are sunset and sunrise.

- The perfect place to experience these great moments:

+ Shwe San Daw Temple, the most famous temple for sunrise and sunset, taxi circles called "sunrise pagoda", this place is quite high, beautiful and crowded tourists.

+ Lay Myet Temple: This place is not crowded, but the last day can not see the dawn because of fog, if more than 3 days you can choose here a day.

+ Dhamma Ya Zi Ka Temple, which is currently under repair, but the temple next to you can climb, and this place is full of trees, can see the sunrise or sunset with the green trees. I visited here twice, to watch the sunset but to see the rain.

As a person who does not have much interest in tourist sites with many monuments, temples, pagodas ... I also do not intend to go to Myanmar, to Bagan – it was just because of the promotional air ticket. However, once coming here, I am sure to come back many more times. This place is beautiful, let’s try to come, you will not regret.