Explore Traditional Arts in Myanmar

Panbe (the art of the blacksmith)

Blacksmith art, also known as Panbe in Burmese is to anneal metal in the hot furnace to make the tools easily. Artisans make items from axles, knives, scissors, hammers and axes, hoes, and many other things used to decorate house and serve life. Blacksmith art is a traditional Burmese craft, appeared during the early period of the Bagan Era (11th century), then strongly developed during the period between Bagan Ava and Yadanapon. Burmese traditional smith chart from Inle area has been famous since the Yadanapon period, many blacksmiths worked there. Items such as military armor, weapons, hoes, swords, spears, etc. Myanmar's traditional smith chart is well-known in Southeast Asia and is one of the wonders of the arts in the world.

Panbu (Sculpture)

 Sculpture (Panbu) is one of the professions of producing and designing wooden or ivory motifs. The artisans create the image of humans, animals and design motifs. Panbu - Burmese traditional sculpture became popular before Bagan Era and at its bestin the middle of the Bagan Era. Burmese scripture firstly served the Buddhism of South India in the 11th century. The wooden sculptures of the Bagan and Ava periods have been lost under various circumstances and only a few are left today. A prominent wooden sculpture in Bagan Era is at the former gate of Shwesigone Temple at Nyaung-U. Those who would like to see the sculpture of Yatanapon (Mandalay) or Yadanapon time can take a pilgrimage tour to Myanmar through the following places:

  • Mandalay Monastery
  • Bakaya Monastery. Inwa

The art of gold and silver carving is a profession for businesses making gold or silverware. Silver carving is the art of making furniture for eating such as cups, bowls, plates .... Gold engraving is the art of making jewelry, earrings, bracelets, rings. Traditional arts and gold, silver and crystal crafts of Myanmar belong to the high-end art. The art of carving gold and silver has been in Myanmar for over 1200 years. And in terms of silver work, it is one of the most sophisticated in the world. It is really a pride of Myanmar.

Pantin (The art of bronze casting)

The art of copper casting is producing bronze or copper. Artisans make gongs in triangle shape and bowl for the monk, and items such as trays, pots, bowls, gongs, small bell…. The Pantin – the Burmese traditional casting craft appeared before the Baganperiod, became very popular in Bagan and Ava Era. Each temple in Myanmar has a bell. The triangular bell must be rotated when using and their sound is very sweet and melodious, then gradually fades away. There are also gongs carved from ivory or wood trunk. It is highly appreciated that gongs are used in the evening. Sizes and shapes of the bells are also different. All can notbe confused with Burmese distinctive design. Currently they are made popular for sale as a souvenir for visitors with many different weights and sizes ranging from small to large.

Art of flower design by mason 

The art of sculpture mortar is a craft designing floral ornaments in relief with mortar. Artisans make lion figures, dragon figures and flower design with mortar. Traditional Myanmar mortar carvings have emerged before Bagan times and it has improved in Bagan, Ava, Amarapura and Yadanapon. According to historical records, mortar works were very famous during the Bagan period. Bagan mortar works has detailed decoration. The leaves and shoots though less but looks very nice. The buds and flowers created in the center of the portal at U-Kin danke are unique at present. The great buildings themselves are admirable works until today, attract a lot of people.

Stone sculpture art

The artisans of stone sculpture make extremely vivid and lively images such as the statue of Buddha, pillars, elephant, deer, round stones. Stone sculpture is an important part of Myanmar in terms of art. Until today, it is still the pride and honor of the people of Myanmar. There are sculpture centers or workshops on stone carvings in Yangon, Mandalay and other towns in the country. But most studios are concentrated in Mandalay. The very fine work of stone sculpture is to be seen in the array depicting the life of the Buddha at Ananda, Bagan. Flowers are designed in the interior of the portal is located in Kyawkku-U min, Naung-U Nanhpaya. Myinkapa wall with 550 Buddhists in Amarapura and wonderful image at Kyauktawkyi at the foothills Mandalay.

Lacquer art

Panyun (lacquer) art means a craft that produces materials made from bamboo, wood and paint color. Lacquer artisans produce alms bowl, bowls for monks, drinking glasses, betel boxes, and cigarette cases. Myanmar's traditional lacquer art emerged during the early years of the Bagan era. In Myanmar, the traditional lacquer painting originated from many stories about the life of the Buddha. Traditional Myanmar lacquer products feature a unique terracotta color with scenes about the former existence of the Buddha. Many kinds of lacquer products are available such as boxes, pots, trays, bowls and even coffee tables.

Top 5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes In Saigon

1. Broken rice

Broken rice is a specialty of the specialties of Saigon. It is so typical and popular that in Saigon, people can eat it all day, from breakfast to lunch, dinner. Even with many people, rice is a perfect choice for supper.

A broken rice plate has a lot of things: of course rice, followed by roasted ribs, eggs, sausages, pickle… For more attractive, on the plate, people will add some onions, grease. And finally, to complete, the rice dish will be served with a sweet chili sauce.

Not only full and delicious, the broken rice plate also scores by its special flavor. The sweet fish sauce seeps into each grain of rice blended with the fatty aroma of grease to bring the flavor is difficult to resist. In particular, the ribs are marinated carefully and then baked on the charcoal as the delicious dishes difficult to describe. The price of this dish is also reasonable – only  from 25 000 VND (1.1 USD) to 40 000 VND (1.5 USD) is enough for a quality meal.

2. Crab soup

In Hanoi and in many northern provinces, crab soup is usually only available in restaurants or parties. But in Saigon, this is a favorite snack and extremely popular. Indeed, in Saigon, you can fully enjoy a cup of quality crab soup on the sidewalk with an average price of 15.000 VND (0.6 USD) to 20.000 VND (0.9 USD) only.

Ingredients of crab soup are varied, including crab meat, chicken, quail eggs, mushrooms. Some restaurant add also century egg, even pork brains to make soup more special. The yellow sauce of crab soup with crab meat served with cilantro, pepper and peppers gives rise to a pleasant aroma and natural sweetness.

Attractive, suitable for both adults and children, so among the hundreds of Saigon snacks, crab soup always has its own place. Regardless of hot or cold weather, dry days or rainy winds, crab soup shops still attracts people to come everyday.

3. Fried flour

This is a Chinese dish but when it came to Saigon, it was transformed to Vietnamese taste and gradually became a popular snack. The flour is added with a little oil, then boil the flour and it turns ivory white. Next, the seller brought the dough in a square shape and pour it into a cold plate, chop it into the pieces and put them on a frying pan of hot oil.

4. Phá lấu (meat hot pot)

Phá lấu has been a favorite snack of people in Saigon. This is a dish made from the viscera of animals, the most common of which is from beef. This is easy to become an addictive foodafter two or three times trying it.

The broth of phá lấu includes spices and some medicinal herbs. Meat can be anything from the tongue, ear, viscera to the stomach of pigs and cows. The phá lấu pot is often boiled and spiced with coconut milk. When there is a customer, the seller uses scissors and cutters to break the broken pieces into the cup before adding the broth.

The bowl of phá lấu with brown color of broth served with a cup of sweet and sour sauce. It can be eaten with bread or noodles, both are very tasty. Now there are not many restaurants in Saigon selling phá lấu but this is also a very typical street food in Saigon that you should try anyway.

5. Rolls salad

In Saigon, for long time, rolls salad is a favorite food, because there are not many dishes that can satisfy so many people like that. Fat people can eat roll salad s much as possible because it contains lots of vegetable and hence very healthy. Slim people can eat even more because it’s not fat. The rolls can be eaten as a snack or well replaces the main meal.

Only four main ingredients of rice paper, vegetables (raw vegetables and herbs), vermicelli, meat, shrimp can make rolls salad delicious with enough sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste. Pork is selected from medium fat and lean meat; red boiled or steamed prawns is very eye-catching; Add a little vermicelli, bean sprouts, herbs, salads, chives ... use the rice paper to wrap them all and enjoy the delicious taste.

To have a delicious roll salad dish, raw materials should be fresh The maker should be skillfull and clever, so that the roll is nice and eye-catching. In addition, soy sauce also plays an important role. There are two types of sauce: soy sauce and fish sauce. When eating rolls salad, dip it deep into the sauce bowl to feel the tasteful deliciousness of this popular dish.

The Romantic Fresh-Water Beach in Ninh Thuan

Located on the coast of Ninh Thuan, Nuoc Ngot beach (fresh water beach) owns a “breath-taking” position with majestic mountains surrounding three sides, and fresh water springs flowing all year round.

Ninh Thuan has been familiar to those who are engaged in traveling. In recent years, the number of visitors to Ninh Thuan has significantly increased for the reason that they have “crush” on natural charming beauties of this South Central land of sun and wind.

Being naturally favored charming beaches, Ninh Thuan has impressed its tourists with unspoiled beaches with pristine blue water and smooth white sand such as Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Vinh Hy Bay,... and an amazing coastline stretching dozens of miles. Bear in mind, you should take a visit to Nuoc Ngot beach. As its name would suggest, this beach has fresh-water flows. The fresh water beach is definitely a wonderful gift that nature did favorably give to this dry land. And, I’m sure that you will deeply fall in love with this exhilarating landscape as soon as you go there for the first time. 

Located in Tu Binh sea, on the seaside National Highway 702, Binh Hung Quan route, Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan province, Nuoc Ngot beach is also known as Binh Hung fresh water beach. I’m sure that tourists can’t help having “crush” on the “alluring” beauty of the pristine blue water running from the mountain and the soft white sand of the beach. Noticeably, this beach is in a favorable position with majestic mountain surrounding three sides of the beach and gentle stream flowing throughout the year. 

To reach Nuoc Ngot beach from Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, you should go along the coastal National Highway 702 to get to Vinh Hy Bay, stretching 42 km, then, travel more 7-8 km to arrive at the destination. This beach is quite far from the residential area,  so you definitely indulge yourself in cool water without worrying about the cleanliness and safety. Immersing yourself in pristine water that amid gentle rays of the sun and small waves, you will be extremely relaxed that you have never been. Additionally, you should bring swimming goggles to fully enjoy the interesting expedition. Moreover, you will have a chance to observe marine from far distance.  Thus, Nuoc Ngot is certainly an ideal destination for those who are engaged in exploring the sea.

It must be a big regret if you do not spend an evening camping together. This is definitely an unforgettable moment during the journey to Freshwater Beach in Ninh Thuan. Imagine that you are indulging yourself in the flickering fire, the scent of grilled seafood and melodious lyrics of the song. How wonderful it is!. Additionally, the resonation of few acoustic songs amid the stars-twinkle sky and the melodious sound of the calm waves definitely make those moments more memorable.

Greeting dawn in the fresh water beach is one of the most fascinating experiences during the trip to there. In order to welcome the very first sunlight of the early morning, you have to climb the rock ledges. The sunrise in Nuoc Ngot beach is exhilarating, so don’t forget to take a snapshot of that amazing moment to prove that you have had such wonderful journeys.

Traveling with friends and family using self-services, definitely brings you a lot of laughter and valuable memories. However, if you don’t want to plan and prepare for the trip yourself, you definitely go on tours to Binh Hung Island. Noticeably, you will get there by canoe.

If you do not believe that Ninh Thuan Fresh Water Beach can “drive you crazy”, you should give it a try. You definitely love, even, deeply fall in love with all that belongs to this charming destination. It promises to be one of the most memorable trips that you have ever had.

10 Delicious Dishes Can not be Missed When Coming to Myanmar

Lahpet (TeaLeaf Salad), Shan Rice or Myanmar Curry are excellent food that any visitor can not miss while visiting Myanmar.

In recent years, the country, located in the northwestern Indian Peninsula –Myanmar, has been called the "rising star" of the Asian tourism. Not only people, culture, landscapes but even food of this Southeast Asia country is also loved by a lot of people.

Although Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced by India, China, Thailand and many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has its own characteristics.

1. Tea leaf salad

One of the most delicious delicacies of the Myanmar people is lephet (or Lahpet) - fermented tea leaves. These tea leaves are used to make tea leaves salad and are used for snacks, appetizers or with rice.

These sour and lightly bitter tealeaves are mixed with cabbage, tomato slices, beans, garlic oil, garlic slicesand spicy chili to create a special salad.

However,it’s good to remember for tourists to Burma that tea leaves salad is considered a stimulant; if you eat too much, you may be suffered from sleeplessness like drinking too much tea.

2. Shan rice

Also known as nga htamin - fish rice, Shan rice (a tribe in Myanmar) is becoming one of the perfect choice of visitors to Myanmar.

The fragrant tasty rice is cooked with turmeric broth and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet garnished with garlic oil. Along with the spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, Shan style rice is a favorite dish for spicy fans.

3. Myanmar curry

Visiting the traditional restaurants of Myanmar, you are not only full with lots of delicious food but also have interesting dining experience. It's like enjoying Myanmar curry.

As the name implies, curry is the main ingredient but you can choose to eat pork, beef, lamb or seafood.

At the curry restaurants for Muslims, Myanmar curry will be eaten along with salad, greens, beans ...

One interesting thing about enjoying a curry Myanmar curry is that you will receive more traditional Myanmar desserts - pickled tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray.

4. Myanmar cakes and tea

Teahouses are a great place for tourists to discover and blend into traditional Myanmar food. In addition to traditional dishes, any tea shop in Myanmar also has sweet and savory cakes to sip with hot tea.

Indian teahouses or Muslims teahousesoften serve light snacks including salty pastries, breads with potatoes, toast ...

Meanwhile, Chinese-style teahouses feature steamed dumplings or sweet pastries for guests to sip with tea.

Drinking tea and enjoying the cake is a characteristic and interesting feature of the Burmese culinary culture.

5. Myanmar snacks

Unlike sweets in Western countries, sweets in Myanamar, also called "muon", are not used as desserts but become a snack with tea in the morning and in the afternoon of Myanmar people.

"Muon" doesn’t include too much surgar, instead, the sweetness is derived from other materials such as coconut fiber, coconut milk, rice flour, fruit ...

Along with the cakes, these sweet snacks become an indispensable appetite for those who like to enjoy the tea and become delicious thing to taste for visitors.

6. Deep-fried stuff

Myanmar people have a special passion for greasy food, so fried cakes of all sizes and shapes are the most popular food on the streets of Myanmar.

Fried spring rolls, donuts, yellow crispy cakes with a special flavor are served with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarinds, creating an irresistible attraction for tourists.

Most of the cakes in Myanmar are made from rice flour or glutinous rice flour, sometimes a mixture of the two powders. People mix flour with garlic, onion, ginger. These accompanying spices bring aroma to the cakes when fried in oil pan.

In addition, the powder is mixed with coconut fiber, sesame seeds, tomatoes, curry powder ... to make a variety of cakes.

7. Shan tofu noodle 

The cuisine of Shan people - an ethnic group in the North of Myanmar - is only popular among its people but even tourists at first time tasting it.

Shan food stalls stand out with large bars of tofu. The special thing about the tofu here is they are made from yellow lentils and green beans instead of regular fermented soybeans. Slices of tofu are usually served with gold noodles, soup or dumplings.

8. Nan Gyi Thohk noodles

Nan Gyi Thohk is a Burmese dish consisting of rice noodles mixed with a special chicken curry served with broth. Diners can add some lemon juice to have sour taste. Nan Gyi Thohk is like Burmese spaghetti noodles.

9. Mohinga Fish Vermicelli

This is a type of vermicelli cooked in fish soup, which is widely considered Myanmar national food.
The main ingredients are chickpea flour, roasted rice, catfish cooked in broth and many spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce ...

This dish is popular at many places in the country and is sold all day in many towns and cities. If you have the opportunity to travel in Myanmar, do not forget to enjoy delicious street food - Mohinga vermicilli.

10. Shan noodles

The typical noodle of the Shan ethnic people in northern Myanmar is the perfect combination of thin noodles and chicken, marinated pork, roasted sesame seeds and garlic flavors, served with sour pickled vegetables and broth.

Tasteful, delicious, eye-catching looks are the reason why Shan noodles are the first choice of many visitors to Myanmar.

Best Attractive Summer Vacation Destinations in Myanmar

Whether you are an adventurer or a passionate explorer of culture, Myanmar tourism easily meets your needs.

1. Myanmar has opened to tourists.

Over the past five decades, Myanmar has been almost closed to all forms of tourism. It is almost impossible to come to visit this country if you don’t have diplomatic passport or official passport. However, over the past two years, many new polies has been adopted and Myanmar has officially opened the door for tourists. Myanmar, once a mystery in the eyes of everyone, has become one of the most attractive destinations for international visitors to visit.

2. Myanmar is not much affected by the modern pace.

Due to the recent opening, Myanmar has not been affected by the busy rhythm of modern life. Monuments and buildings from the 10th century remain intact, not too many bustling shops along the beach.

3. Bold national identity

The people of Myanmar still keep very good cultural identity and customs of their country, almost there is no cultural hybrid. The local people still wear longyi, a type of sarong. They still use Thanaka as a cream extracted from bark to replace sunscreen and skin care. On the street people still see the monks walking barefoot and the ox carts marked taxi – this is also the main means of transportation.

4. Full of adventurous things to explore

If you want to become an Indiana Jones like in the “Indiana Jones adventures” movie, Myanmar will be the destination for you. Myanmar has countless works, impressive archaeological monuments such as golden stupas and unique sophisticatedcarved murals. The country has thousands of temples, monasteries from centuries before

5. InleLake

If you want to learn more about the unique way of life among ethnic people in Myanmar, come to Inle Lake. Around this large lake area, there are many people living on the houses on stilts on the water. People still maintain the pace of a smooth life with activities such as bamboo rafts for fishing, hand made silk weaving. The Inle Lake area is famous for its precious hand-woven silk made from thin lotus petals that grow on the lake. In addition, you have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset on InleLake.

6. The busy market

During the Myanmar tour you can not ignore the Myanmar night market, the sellers put their products on the ground, under the tents to avoid the wind. In Myanmar market, there are all kinds of tropical fruits, fish, shrimp at very cheap prices.

A Journey of Discovery in Myanmar

A friend I met on my Bagan trip said that, it is hard to find an ugly temple in this land.

The ancient capital of Bagan

18h30, I arrived at Yangon International Airport, the former capital of Myanmar. Take a taxi to the bus station, it costs about 7,000 Kyat (1 Kyat about 17 USD). Then, I enjoyed some snack with family of a new friend. At 20h30, the bus departed and took me to Bagan in the next morning at 5am. Bagan is ancient city with more than 2,000 temples built in the 11th century. After leaving luggage at the hotel, our family went to Bulethi Temple to admire the sunrise. Enjoying sunset and sunrise at Bagan temples brings a sense of special happiness, when light and darkness reunite and transfer power. Just imagine hundreds of years ago, at these temples, the sunrise and sunset were no different from today, you will feel like you are naturally connected to the past and the future.

You can experience balloon ride to see Bagan from the sky, surely it is a great way to enjoy th view at $ 380 per person. Another way is to rent an electric bicycle (7,000 Kyat / day) and wander around Bagan. I visited famous temples (Ananda, Dhammayangyi, Shwesandaw, Shwezigon ...) but what impressed me was the dozens, hundreds of other unknown shrines throughout Bagan on dusty roads, deep behind the big road. A new friend in Bagan trip said that it is difficult to find an ugly temple in Bagan.

You definitely must climb a temple on the banks of the river, and from the top of the tower, watch the Ayeyarwady River flowing slowly alongside the large temples on the riverbank. A small note is that you are required to walk barefoot when you visit all the temples in Myanmar.

If you enjoy sunrise and sunset, you should go to Popa Mountain. The mountains are nothing special but the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. You will hear the screams of the monkeys fighting each other, and beware of the food you carry because the monkeys can “rob” the food once they see. Watching the sunset on the mountain is extremely memorable. It was a great experience in life, I spent all afternoon to wait for and admire the sunset on the mountain. It costs 45,000 Kyat to rent a car for 6-7 people to the mountain, if booking a tour, it costs 11,000 Kyat / person.

A trip to Bagan would be perfect if you have a chance to enjoy a Myanmar culture and art show, held at the Bagan Golden Palace in the evening from 19h to 20h30, with very interesting theatrical performances, dances and puppet show. I almost did not know about this show but fortunately the new friends asked me to go with them. Making new friends on trips is one of the best things to do.

Food in Bagan: The food here is generally tasty, with Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes, which are affordable, cheaper than they are in Vietnam. Nanda Restaurant has beautiful views, good food, prices are a little more expensive, but well worth the money. Aha Bagan Restaurant is a nice newly opened restaurant, the owner is very friendly, food is delicious and cheap ... They are good suggestions about restaurant for those who want to come here.

Hotel: There are 3 areas in Bagan : Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyaung U. My room was booked at the Royal Bagan Hotel, Nyaung U, and this seemed like a good decision, the hotel is highly appreciated. Although it does not have the best location, room quality is okay at reasonable price - $ 30 / night.

Inle Lake – The colors of life

Travelling in Myanmar is wandering on the night buses. Intercity buses in Myanmar are very good (seats are like airplanes, large cabin).

Bus departs at 8:30 pm, the next morning you will be in Nyaung Shwe town at 5 am and ready to experience Inle Lake. Rent a day boat (40,000 Kyat) to watch the sunrise on the lake, you will see beautiful scenery in a calm way. I have never seen the silver dawn as in Inle Lake, the sky turned from the pale pink and lilac vintage (when the sun hid behind the mountains) to silver color (when the first rays shone on the lake), and finally so many vibrant colors when the residents of the lake begin a new day.

Inle is really a brilliant picture with the beautiful riverside villages. As I cruised through the floating villages on the lake, I saw houses with many window, friendly faces, waving hands as I took the photo. That feeling was so peaceful. Inle also has floating gardens and fishing villages. The villages on the river, or along the lake, are quite clean, with not many plastic bags and waste.

To Lake Inle, I was fortunate to have chance to see Morpe Fair. Papo ethnic people were happy to sell and buy things around. Commodities were transported up and down the boats. We bought three beautiful pair of sandals (about $ 1.6 / pair) and a basket of sweet apples ($ 0.7). Shopping here is great.

Late in the afternoon, we watched the fishermen on the large lake. In the bright sunshine of the sunset, it was like a circus performance. They were like fishing artists, standing on one leg on the tip of the boat, the other leg seemed to dance with the net to catch fish. Such a beautiful and peaceful moment! Of course, these activities are now arranged for photography and tourism, but it is still a feature of Inle Lake.

Nyaung Shwe is about 10 km to Inle Lake, so you can also book rooms right at the resort on the lake for better sightseeing and relaxation.

Yangon city

If you choose Vietnam Airlines to travel from Vietnam, you will have to stop at Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. There are also plenty of attractions for you to spend time while waiting for your transit flight, such as the Swedagon Gold Pagoda, the downtown area of Yangon, the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue...

7 days in Myanmar is certainly not enough, but will also give you a wonderful memorable experience. If you have less time, choose one destination only to fully enjoy it!

How To Save Money For Your Vacation

Travelling is one of the best ways to experience the world around us and different cultures. It's important to understand how other people live, and to giving yourself worldly knowledge. The only downfall of travelling is that it is generally quite difficult to save enough money. Travelling can cost a lot of money, so you'll want to save a lot beforehand and while you're travelling to make sure that you're covered in emergencies.

A great tip to saving money when you travel is to get your passport anytime you're ever even thinking about travelling. If you had to get a passport quickly it can cost you tons of money and it's generally filled with headaches and anxiety to get it before your trip. So self yourself the time, worrying, and money and get yourself a passport as soon as possible.

Next, you'll want to make sure that you're always budgeting before your trip. Start as early as possible and save a percentage of your paycheck to set back for your vacation. This is a great way to save money, and it’s a fantastic way to use it all the time. If you’re not sure about your budget, make sure that you track your spending a few months before you start so you know what you can eliminate and use for saving instead. This will ensure you’ll always have enough, and that you won’t get behind on anything important.

You should also rethink your phone bill. With Vonage, you can get huge savings on your phone bill. There are plans as low as ten dollars a month for a year! This can completely overhaul how much you’re paying for your phone service, and if you really want to save you should consider switching before your trip.

4 Romantic Places for Couples in Vietnam, Especially in Valentine

The road through cajuput forest in Xeo Quyt eco area, Dong Thap

Located about 30km from Cao Lanh city center, in the area of My Long and My Hiep communes, the historical and ecological Xeo Quyt area will give visitors a feeling of being in the primeval forest with beautiful scene.

With an area of about 50 hectares, including 20 hectares of cajuput forests, the rest is mangrove forest systems, vines ... Xeo Quyt has a beautiful natural scenery with a cool green colour. Visiting the monument, visitors have two means to move. If you like to wander under the canopy of trees, you can walk on the only path in the relic, about 1.5 km long. Otherwise, you can experience the feeling on the Mekong River, by sitting on a small boat, slowly crawling under small creeks to explore the entire site.

Normally, tourists go through An Huu junction in Cai Be district (Tien Giang province) to Long Hiep bridge, from there to Xeo Quyt junction, or take the road from National Highway 1 and turn to Highway 30, go straight to Xeo Quyt.

Buu Long Tourist Area, Dong Nai Province

Only 30 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Buu Long tourist resort of Bien Hoa - Dong Nai, is built on an area of tens of hectares, around the artificial lake Long An. The high mountains and large lake make this place like a small Halong. There are many religious architectural constructions have been built in the resort.

To get to Buu Long tourist area from Saigon: You can run along Kha Van Can road and go to Linh Xuan overpass. Alternatively, you can take the Hanoi Highway and turn left at the Suoi Tien Bridge, then reach Linh Xuan overpass. When you come here you can run towards the National Highway 1K. Arrival in Bien Hoa, drive for more than 8 km and turn to Nguyen Ai Quoc street, then continue to An Hoa bridge and turn left onto Huynh Van Nghe street , and you will see the gate of Buu Long tourist area.

Tanyoli Tourist Area, Ninh Thuan

Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort is located in Son Hai village, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, on the beautiful coastal road. From Ho Chi Minh City, follow the National Highway 1A to Ca Na T-junction, turn right along the coastal road about 20km – that’s also the place about 30km from the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city. Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort has a 15 hectares site with a variety of fun activities.

Here you and your lover can experience games such as High wire, Zipline, archery, sand desert conquest with large vehicles. In addition, for those who love the sea, you can enjoy the ocean-going tour that will take you to the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches of Ninh Thuan.

Trung Luong Park, Binh Dinh

This attractive area is about 30km from Quy Nhon city, located on the east of DT 639 road in Trung Luong village, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district.

The campgrounds with green and red tents, colorful rows of chairs scattered all the way to the sea is the most special feature of the picnic area. The landscape here is quite wild with limestone ridges in strange shapes, green grass under the yellow sunshine and the fresh salty air blown from the sea will certainly make you ... no longer want to think about anything when you come here.

Useful Links: Jahan Cruise | Jayavarman Cruise | Mekong Eyes Explorer

Suggestion of Best Homestays & Hostels in Nha Trang

Though these are not luxurious hotels, but surely these homestay services and hostels in Nha Trang will satisfy you for their services and designs.

Ccasa Hostel
The hostel located at 40 Sao Biển street, which is only 200 meters away from the beach. Ccasa Hostel’s design based on old containers, combining with recycled materials, creates an absolutely different space than other common hotels.

Ccasa Hostel includes 43 beds in total, divided in 10 rooms. Its style inspired by the idea of cabins inside train car. Each room has air-conditioner, closets with different locks, keycard locks to ensure security. Rooms are also fully equiped with decent beds, blankets, pillows and lights for reading book, electricity slots. By only pulling the curtains above, you can have a private space when in need.
With absolutely open design, Ccasa Hostel also has courtyard decorated with nice wooden tables & chairs. The back is the green, fresh vines which is suitable for visitors to relax, chat. Besides, Ccasa Hostel has pretty and convenient kitchen, equiped with grills for those who prefer BBQ party.

The special trait of Ccasa is the rooftop area with nets set up above the ‘skywell’ (giếng trời), which always pique the interest of visitors. You can try the experience of lying on nets put above the ground. From here, you can read book, play guitar, chat with friends, or just simply enjoy ‘sweet doing nothing day’.
S:House homestay
Being one of the most favorite homestays of travelers in Nha Trang, S:House has a Western-style design; simple, friendly with nature but still has all essential facilities for living. It is interesting in the fact that the homestay lies among other local residences. The place is only 200 meters away from the beach, so just after 10 minutes you already arrive at the beach.

Besides the peaceful and familiar feeling, all the items in S:House were made by its very owner. That’s why as you step into the place, you will immediately feel the simplistic beauty, more friendly than other places. 

To explain the name ‘S:House’, the owner said that: ‘S is the abbreviation   of Sun, Sea, Smile, and Simple.’ That is also easy to understand when S:House always gives travelers the comfortable and pleasant feeling due to the place’s characteristics: always full of sunlights, near the beach, full of laughters, and simplistic design.

There are 6 rooms in S:House for you to choose from. Each room has a couple bed, a set of computer’s speaker, a working desk, a small bookshelf… and many other stuffs which will make you remember this homestay, even if only in one night. The special trait of  S:House is its focus on little details. With the belief that natural things bring the most friendly feeling, S:House always take notice on every small details in order to bring peaceful feeling for visitors coming here.
Tabalo Hostel 
Located in a wide corner, but quiet within the bustling street of Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Tabalo Hostel has a advantageous location: peaceful at night; but you can join in the boisterous atmosphere of travelers in Western street, just after 1 minute walk. And after several more minutes walk, you can enjoy yourself on the gorgeous Nha Trang beach.

Tabalo Hostel’s rooms were design like the cabin of a high-class cruise. There are 23 rooms divided in 5 floors with all essential facilities installed. Also there are group rooms for backpackers and cabin for couples or families.

While staying here, you will not believe that you are in a hostel since Tabalo Hostel has facility just like a standard hotel. You can pleasantly rest after a tiring day in these fascinating open spaces.
In addition, safety of staying visitors is the top priority rule in Tabalo. With the in-out control system, fire-alarm system, emergency exit system, camera system,… visitors can reassure about safety when staying here.