The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay (Fingernail) Island

The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay Island (Fingernail Island) in Kien Giang Province has long been famous for the "paradise of sea and island" because it has so many pristine, beautiful islands that those who love traveling can also list name of the islands clearly despite setting foot on them. They are Phu Quoc, Nam Du, Ba Lua and Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands. Each island has its own beauty, but they have some things common- the wildness, fresh air that nature favors them.

The Must Try Experiences on Mong Tay (Fingernail) Island

Mong Tay island is in Duong Hoa commune (Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province), tucked away with shipping lines with very few ships passing, so it becomes a true "lonely" islans. A fisherman here once joked that Mong Tay Island is the most "eccentric" island in the area. The island is situated north of the pearls island of Phu Quoc, angling between Ba Lua Islands and Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands but it "denies" belonging to a certain archipelago.
It is not exaggerative to say that Mong Tay island is “ a paradise in the paradise of ocean”. Sea water here is like the turquoise everywhere. An enchanting blue of the ocean which anytime is mentioned it, people think of the "heaven seas" such as Maldives, Bali or Koh Rong Samloem. Along with lush green coconut trees, white sand beaches stretching in the sun shining, the spacious, warm, gentle sea breeze... Mong Tay is the ideal destination in Phu Quoc for those who have love and passion with the sea.

Get immersed in the blue of the immense sea

Mong Tay island is a ideal place for camping activities, exploring the desert island and admiring the beautiful natural scenery. Mong Tay island opens in front of you the emerald crystal-clear sea water reflected by coconut trees, rocks entirely created and placed by the nature, white sand beaches… all these features bring the island a distinct beauty. Going deeper into the island, you will encounter grass lands.

You can also see some Mong Tay (enna , also called mignonette) trees - the reason for the special name of the island. You only hear the sound of the waves creasing onto the shore, the sound of wind, at that time, all the noise of town disappears. Feelings of fully merging with the immense space of the earth will create overwhelming feelings for those who come here.

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Dive and see the coral reefs

Mong Tay island has cool sea water where you can delight to swim and have fun. After that, you also can go fishing, catch crabs. Most notably, visitors can experience diving and admiring the beautiful coral reefs. Coral in Mong Tay sea is considered to be one of the top coral ecosystems in Vietnam in term of variety with 17 different species of hard and soft corals. The colorful coral reefs will surely impress the visitors.

Ideal place to selfie

Besides, the interest of taking photos of the will be met in maximum. The beautiful and unique scenery of the island is the ideal background for your photos. Watching the sunset or sunrise over the island and recording wonderful moments there are no less interesting activities on Mong Tay island.
Hon Nail has become the place to propose of foreigner couples. Maybe in the near future, it will become a dating place witnessing many romantic love stories. Proposing for marriage and taking wedding photographs on Mong Tay promise to be an unforgettable experience full of unique elements.

Listen to anecdotes of Robinson

Once visiting Mong Tay island, you can also discover the "myth" of a genuine Robinson. That is the story of Mr. An, the “lord of the island”, who is in his forties and is given the nickname of " blind knight" by the fishermen. He is the one who has given his life to the deserted island for 13 years. Although he can not see anything, he can swim from outside the island to the mainland, fast the whole month, and can predict the storm in the sea ... The exciting strange things will surely contribute to make your expedition more attractive and thrilling.

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Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip

Cham Island, Cu Lao Thu, Cu Lao Cau ... are places with charming, pristine scenery and attractive signature dishes, friendly people and good weather, suitable for a trips with friends or family in the coming Tet holiday.

Cu Lao Cham in Quang Nam

About 15 km from Cua Dai port (Hoi An), Cu Lao Cham consists of 8 small islands of pristine beauty, attracts visitors by the development of green tourism and idyllic life of fishermen. From Cua Dai, there are two means of transport to go to the island, it takes visitors about an hour travelling by wooden boat, but if they choose speedboat, the time is only about 20 minutes. Hotels here mainly in form of homestay, gathered at Lang beach, Huong beach. A special thing is that people and tourists in Cu Lao Cham do use plastic bags, but they carry baskets, bags or salesmen wrap products in leaves and newspapers. Therefore, Cu Lao Cham island is considered a environmentally friendly island.
You should go to the island in the early morning to go shopping, ask local people cook dishes from seafood, then go for a walk and enjoy the great atmosphere of the pristine waters. Ong beach, Huong beach, Chong beach ... are full of sunshine, clear water, suitable for swimming, sunbathing. If you want to scuba diving, snorkeling or sailing strolling around the island, you should ask the service of the people and will get advices about the most beautiful waters.

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Cu Lao Xanh, Binh Dinh

Cu Lao Xanh (also known as Van Phi Island), Nhon Chau commune, is an island located near Xuan Dai Bay, 24 km from Quy Nhon city. Having an area of about 364 hectares, Cu Lao Xanh is the new destination for those who are interested in exploring the island.
The starting point to Cu Lao Xanh is Ham Tu pier. The landscape on the island is relatively untouched, with ancient lighthouse in Gothic architecture, where is an ideal place to see the panoramic view of the sea and life of fishermen on the island. The accommodation service on the island has not really developed, there are only inns, you can ask the people to experience homestay service and book meals, get immersed in the lives of fishermen. Especially, around 3am, people on the island often keep lighting on boats to fish jumping squid, you should try this experience.

Mai Nha Island, Phu Yen

Cu Lao Mai Nha (Mai Nha island) is a small island in An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, about 27 km from the city of Tuy Hoa to the north. The island is surrounded by high rolling mountains, green trees, untouched white sand beaches, the sea is so clear that we can be seen each coral reef under the water. Tourism services have not been very developed on the island; therefore, if you travel in a group, you can bring a tent, camp near the coast, buy seafood from f fishermen, and see the gorgeous sunrise on the beach in the next morning.
In lunar January, fishermen here abstain from taking women to the island by boat; therefore, female tourists are forced to travel by small motorized boats if they want to visit the island. It is really a pleasant experience to sit on the boat in the vast sky, surrounded by the blue sea, and the island shimmering in the sunshine.
After strolling around the island, it is also time when the afternoon gradually falls, you can come back to the sea to watch the sunset. Seeing the sunset on a beautiful deserted island, all chaos and worries of life seem to be melted and forgotten, leaving only the desolated sea and the sunset on the horizon far away. The feeling is strangely smooth and relaxed!

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The Ideal Places to See Clouds in Lao Cai

The period from December to the end of February is the most suitable time to start the adventure to "hunt clouds" in Lao Cai. Here are some suggestions of places to hunt ecstatically beautiful clouds for those who have this passion.

#1. Y Ty (Bat Xat)
Cloud in Y Ty is as white as strips of silk
Referring to places to "hunt clouds" in Lao Cai, we can not forget to mention Y Ty. It is considered a "sea of clouds" of the frontier land. The feeling when standing on the mountain looking down the dimly visible seas of clouds covering the village is indeed marvelous. Cloud in Y Ty is not as blue as it is in Sapa, but is as white as strips of silk crossing the villages of Ha Nhi ethnic.

The cloud and people in Y Ty
#2. The town of Sapa

Not as pristine as Y Ty, Sapa town is like a boat floating in the white clouds, the reason why it is called "cloud river" is that clouds here very are thick, spotless white, and covers throughout the valleys. When the sun rises, the sunshine combines with winds and creates waves of cloud flying up and down between the slopes. And at that moment, you will have the opportunity to admire the villages with dimly visible rows of pine creating a beautiful ink wash painting.
Cloud covers the air of Sapa town
#3. O Quy Ho Pass

O Quy Ho Pass, also known as Hoang Lien Pass (because the pass crossing Hoang Lien Son mountain range) or Clouds Pass for the pass is covered by clouds all year round. Located on Highway 4D crossing the Hoang Lien Son, O Quy Ho Pass connects Lao Cai and Lai Chau with the peak of the pass is also the boundary between the two provinces, in which, 2/3 of the pass is belonged to Tam Duong district, Lai Chau; the remaining a third is located in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. This is probably the longest pass in the northwest Vietnam mountainous area, with a length of nearly 50 km, longer than Pha Din Pass (32 km long, located on the borders of the provinces of Son La and Dien Bien ) or Khau Pha Pass (almost 40 km, of Yen Bai). The height, the length, and the craggy appear of O Quy Ho Pass make it be unofficially dubbed the "king of the North West Pass"

Clouds on O Quy Ho pass
Dubbed as one of the four longest passes of the Northwest, O Quy Ho is a destination that makes any backpackers want to conquer. The beauty of the O Quy Ho Pass changes interestingly. On the territory of Lao Cai it is misty, but it is sunny in Lai Chau area. Besides, is indeed a wonderful experience if you can stand at an altitude of 2,000m on O Quy Ho Pass to see the sunset with white cloud.

#4. The town of Muong Khuong

The scenery in Muong Khuong town has some similarities wit it’s in Ha Giang. It also has high majestic mountains nestled in the sea of clouds. When the sun rises and tear the thick layer of cloud in the mountain and slowly shines, visitors will see a very gorgeous scenery, below them is a bright town, and above them are the silver clouds squeezing between the mountainsides.

Muong Khuong is also an ideal place to see clound in Lao Cai
#5. On the top of Phanxipang

Fansipan , the highest mountain in Vietnam, belongs toc Hoang Lien Son mountain range. To conquer the "Roof of Indochina", travelers need to be well prepared physically and certainly need the help as well as being guided by local people or tour guide.
The sea of clouds seen from Fansipan peak
To admire the sea of clouds on top of Fansipan at the right occasion depending on the weather, but if photographers and backpackers want to watch the clouds at both dawn and dusk, they must sleep on the top of the mountain so that they can fully admire the grandeur of the scenery as well as to capture the most beautiful photos.

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Visiting Chua village- Maternal Hometown of Uncle Ho (part 1)

Kim Lien Village (Sen Village) is Uncle Ho’s (Ho Chi Minh president) paternal hometown ; however, he was born in his maternal hometown, Hoang Tru village which is also known as Chua village.

Both Hoang Tru village and Kim Lien village are located on Kim Lien Commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. Hoang Tru village is approximately 2 km from Sen village, and about 15 km from Vinh city to the west. This peaceful village has Hoang Tru relics, where President Ho Chi Minh was born. This is also the place associated with the childhood years of Uncle Ho and the moving stories about his parents.
The peaceful scenery in Hoang Tru village
Mr. Hoang Duong (1835-1893), the paternal grandfather of Uncle Ho, was born into a family having a long tradition of Confucianism. He worked as a teacher and overvalues the importance of education and training people. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kep did the farming and wove cloth. They had two daughters, Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan - Uncle Ho's mother was their first daughter.

In the spring of Mau Dan, 1878, Mr. Hoang Duong, on the way to give New Year’s greetings, met a moving scene: there was a boy sitting on a buffalo and being engrossed in reading books . The boy was Nguyen Sinh Sac who lost his parents at the age of 4 and lived with his half- brother. Feeling pity and sympathetic with the child’s situation and treasured his fondness for learning, Mr. Hoang Duong asked the Nguyen Sinh family to permit him to bring up and educate the boy Nguyen Sinh Sac who was 15 years old at that time.

Thanked to the guidance and education of Mr. Hoang Duong, Nguyen Sinh Sac became more and more intelligent, and well known throughout the region; and had many good qualities; therefore, Mr. Hoang Duong and his wife loved and esteemed Nguyen Sinh Sac as if he was their own son. Until 1881, when Nguyen Sinh Sac was 18, Mr. and Mrs. Hoang Duong showed their love and would like to choose Nguyen Sinh Sac their first son in law. The betrothal ceremony of the student Nguyen Sinh Sac and Ms. Hoang Thi Loan was held in the five- compartment house of Mr. Hoang Duong. Two years later, in 1883, the couple officially got married.

The house of Mr. Hoang Duong
This house witnessed the studiousness of student Nguyen Sinh Sac, the gentleness and faith of his wife; the birth and childhood of his children. In Giap Ngo, 1894, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac passed Confucian cử nhân examination (Hương exam- first-degree examination at provincial level) of Nghe school. In 1895, he went to Hue Capital to sit the second-degree examination, but he failed; he continued studying at Quoc Tu Giam School (Imperial College) in Hue to review for the next exam. At that time, he brought his wife and his two sons in live with him in Hue. These are the years of struggle and hardship of the family. After the fourth child was born (1900), Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan passed away at age 33 in Hue (in Feb. 1901) when the third son, Nguyen Sinh Cung was 11 years old and the youngest child was a few months old. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac and his children sorrowfully left the imperial city, and returned to Hoang Tru village to live.

Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac and Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan- Uncle Ho’s parents
Three months later, Hội exam- the second-examination (at the capital) of Xinchou (year 1901), Nguyen Sinh Sac left his children to their maternal grandmother, then returned to hue and attended the test. Excellently, he repaid his parents in law for their service, requited the faithful love of his late wife because he got the Phó bảng (Junior doctor) degree in this exam and was given the sign "Ân tứ ninh gia" (King’s favour given to a good and happy family) by King Thanh Thai.

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24h Exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island (Part 1)

Visiting Bai Sao (Sap Beach), Khem beach, experiencing fishing, rowing kayak, riding on the island... are the interesting experiences you should try if having only one day on the Pearl Island.

Phu Quoc Island is often referred to a beautiful name of Pearl Island. People come to Phu Quoc with a tender heart and full of love with the sea. Located about 25 kilometers from Duong Dong town, the south of the island is situated in An Thoi town. It is a prime location in the two most impressive estuaries on the island.

24h Exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island (Part 1)
24h Exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island
Just renting bike which have been filled with gasoline already with the rental cost of 120,000 dong a day, you are free to seek for and discover the nooks, the path leading to these two beautiful and mysterious places. A quite interesting revealing is that you need not to leave your vehicles with the keepers despite going or playing in anywhere, because nobody can afford to waste his time on stealing cars on this island.

In the morning: visiting Bai Sao (Sao Beach) - the most beautiful beach paradise in Vietnam

It takes more than an hour if you depart from the town of Duong Dong, ride along the road to An Thoi town, pass the crossroads of Nguyen Van Cu and Tran Hung Dao streets, turn to the red soil road, there are many billboards for you to easily recognize the entrance to Sao beach. Sao Beach is dubbed "the most beautiful pearl in Vietnam" among the distant islands with unspoiled and mysterious beauty created by the hand of nature, with the high and dangerous and sheer rocks in the seaport, and with smooth white sand as the moon in the fifteen day of the lunar month.

People in this area have told each other that in the old days, when the sun set, the surrounding was a secluded and quict black, the shoals of starfish appeared and covered both onshore and underwater. Therefore, Sao (Starfish) beach appeared on the map of this island.

The name Sao beach is associated with the appearance of starfish on the beach
The entrance to Sao beach is a red soil road, the are green groves along the two roadsides. This stretch of road is only 2 km long but is rough, rocking, the road toward the sea looks solitary.

Bai Sao is as beautiful as a painting in every angle with a creamy white sand, the cream color of the sand is only found here, the sand is as pretty as a virgin showing her slim body between earth and sky. The toweringly high coconut trees swing in the wind, the boats go up and down on the water… all blend together and bring the exciting experiences for anyone who loves the pristine look of the sea.

Sao beach with creamy white sand and high coconut trees
In particular, visitors are not invited to purchase items with insistence as in other beaches; on the contrary, you will enjoy the peace. Since this is the resort located on the territory under the management of 3 big restaurants, you should book a table in the restaurant to enjoy the special dishes, the food is not various because there is no fishermen in this area.

You can join to experience rowing kayak game, fish on a yacht, or travel by canoe... Generally, you will hire the services of the restaurants in this area, the prices range from 200,000-500,000 VND for activities and the participants are mostly foreign visitors.

Rowing kayak is an interesting activity in Sao beach
Coming with Sao beach on summer days, you'll experience the unfavorable weather conditions. You can hang out on the beach with a bottle of cold beer, hold hands with someone you love, or lie down to sunbathe, capture the photos memorizing the moments that you set foot here.

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The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province

The poetic beauty of Bu Lach grassland, the vast Bu Map national park, the rhythmic sound of rice pounders ... are the unforgettable and irresistible charms when you arrive in Binh Phuoc.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
The tourist attractions in Binh Phuoc

- By public transports

Visitors can catch cars to Binh Phuoc at the bus stations in provinces. You should also study the terminal time, ticket prices, location, places nearby bus station before arriving. Upon arrival, you could rent the motorbike taxi to go to the landmarks.

In Hochiminh city, you can buy tickets at the Mien Dong (Eastern) bus station. Ticket prices range from 100,000- 250,000 VND depending on the destination and vehicle quality.

- By private vehicles (cars or motorcycles)

From Saigon, there are two paths leading to Binh Phuoc, one is from Binh Trieu Bridge, and along Highway 13, the other one is along Saigon bridge to Hanoi highway. Estimated travel time is about 2 hours (110km).

Note that when travelling by personal vehicles, you should bring all legal papers related to the vehicles and comply with road traffic safety rules.

Best time to visit Binh Phuoc

In the dry season, visitors can move conveniently, there is also less mosquitoes and insects...; however, the view is not as beautiful or majestic as it is during the rainy season. This image can be seen most clearly in the water in the waterfall, vast painting of grasslands or quantity of wildlife animals in national parks.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
A waterfall in rainy season

Prices of hotels and motels in Binh Phuoc range from 100,000-500,000 VND. You can refer to the following list of hotels: Thien Thanh, Van Anh and Thanh Sang, Truc Nga...

The only problem is that most of the motels, hotels are quite far from the attractions, so the best suggestion is to carry the camping tent to save money and be convenient. Shacks are available for rent in Bu Map national park.

Places to visit in Binh Phuoc

Coming to Binh Phuoc, tourists should not forget to visit Bu Map national park, where has a rich and valuable and rare ecosystem of flora and fauna, and a pristine, majestic forest painting. However, to discover the park, you should pocket the following notes: first, you should contact in advance so the management board will send guides or rent a motorbike to for you (in case you travel by car, or bus). Second, there are two tours to explore the park, taking a trip around the Ring Road (142km long) or taking a bath in streams, waterfalls and staying overnight in the woods. In term of food, you can carry food or dine in the canteen, but if staying in the shack, it is compulsory to bring food.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
The pristine nature in Bu Map national park

Prices of some services: Fares to visit: 70,000dong/ visitor. Forest tour guides: VND 200,000/ day. Accommodation prices: VND 200,000/ room / night. Prices of dining at the cafeteria: 25,000 dong / set.

Besides exploring the Bu Map National Park, you can explore the Vietnam's largest humid rainforest ecosystem in Cat Tien National Park, adventurously sit in Ba Ra cable car, visit Binh Long peaceful land, conquer the system of interesting caves and poetic springs.

Also, you can look at Suoi Cam lake (Dong Xoai Town), Thac Mo lake (Phuoc Long district), Soc Xiem lake and Suoi Lam lake (Dong Phu District), lie on grass, boat on the lake, enjoy tasty dishes, or indulge in immense feeling in Bu Lach grassland or admire the beautiful natural picture in the pristine waterfalls, climb Bang Lang hill to see the beautiful Thac Mo town nestled in green trees ....

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
Rubber forest in Binh Phuoc
Visitors who are interested in history can explore places like Bom Bo village, Ta Thiet revolutionary base, Loc Ninh entertainment house, grave of 3,000 people, Tau O – Xom Ruong (Binh Long) victory stele.

The Sound of the Pestle in Bom Bo Village in Binh Phuoc Province
Bom Bo villagers are pounding rice

Visiting Binh Phuoc Province and Listening to the Sound of the Pestle in Bombo Village

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5 Romantic Experiences for a Honeymoon Trip on Co To Island

Hand in hand walking on the path of love, seeing the sunset together or giving a small party on the beach are what you should try when taking a honeymoon trip Co To Pearl Island

Co To is also a tourist attraction of Quang Ninh province

In addition to the famous Halong Bay, Quang Ninh has another tourist destination which attracts both domestic and international visitor. It is Co To paradise island. Co To owns the blue sea, white sand and the attractive tourist activities. With many couples, Co to is also fascinating because of the experiences bringing the romantic and peaceful moments to the them, and is an ideal place to be on a honeymoon trip.

Hand in hand in “the path of love"

Hand in hand in “the path of love"

The charm of the island Co To is the spacious, tranquil and romantic nature. The road of more than 2 km long paved with red bricks along the coast and is the own "specialty" of Co To sea. Here, you and your lover can hold hands and walk on red-tiled path with two lines of poplar along the two roadsides. Sauntering along the road, couples can feel the comfortable see- breeze, the sound of breaking waves, the cool green of the trees, golden light of the sun.... and confide on each other the story of love, life, you will feel that you used to witness this familiar image somewhere in the romantic Korean drama on TV.

Seeing the sunrise and sunset in the sea

The sunrise on Co To island is glamorous

Not only is Co To the ideal place for bathing, visitors can also admire the incredibly beautiful harmony of the heaven and the earth in the beginning and ending moments of the day by the sea. Hong Van Beach, Nam Hai Beach, Van Chay Beach... are beautiful places for you to experience that moment together. Walking together on the fine sand, inhaling deep breaths the smell of the ocean and watching the breaking waves in the romantic scene will help you easily open your hearts, share the same several things to understand each other better.

The sunset on the island is equally romantic and attractive
BBQ party on the beach

BBQ tables made of sand
One of the exciting beaches being vey lively at night in Co To is located near the town center, with a "specialty"- the BBQ party on the beach. You can prepare yourselves sweet rewards for the end of the day by getting up early to go shopping, buying seafood like squid, clams, oysters... to grill in the evening. If choosing skillfully and meticulously, you can build the unique BBQ tables made of sand to have moments of deep relaxation together.

Fleeing to Little Co To Island

Unlike the crowded bustling scene commonly seen in some other beaches, the beach in Little Co To is very spacious and sparse promising to give you a comfortable, free, and private space. Little Co To Island is uninhabited, and protected by a military sentry post. In order to reach the Little Co To Island, tourist travel by boat from Bac Van port (about 7 km from the town in about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the weather.

Seeing the panorama of Co To from the lighthouse

About 4 km from the town, situated in a 101m high mountain, the lighthouse is the most ideal place for you to enjoy the panorama of large Co To Island and surrounding islands. From here, you can capture the views of the beautiful dreamy sea town with green trees, winding roads, long sparkling coastline, small fishing vessels or simple roofs.

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ROMANA resort

Address : Km 8 - Ham Tien Ward, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.


Designed for privacy and luxurious relaxation, one can easily find Romana Resort to be a land of romance, the only winding path leads guests past valleys of lush palm forest and hills of casuarinas.
Romana is nestled in a picturesque valley, surrounded by 200m of coastline and pristine sandy beach. It is located within 4 ha of hills & valleys, surrounded by a backdrop of pristine mountains, creating an unparalleled retreat from the noise of busy life. The lotus lake is set in a meditation style that helps you feel at total e
ase, with rows of classical roman statues to arouse your fascination for lost culture. The waterfall running down from a five-metre high stonewall creates fresh & cool space that delight your senses. From the reception area, you begin to capture the view of the deep blue sea & the constant kissing of the waves on the shore, a romantic concert of waves rushing & the sea breeze whispering that creates an indulgent space. Join Romana in a journey to discover the true values of life and nature’s gifts. 


All rates are in US$, including breakfast, VAT & service charges.
No extra charge for children under 11 when sharing beds with parents, room only.
Add 25US$ per extra bed. Maximum one extra bed in one room.
Please contact us for best offer
PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE: US$15 per room per night
++ 28 Apr - 01 May
++ 01 Sep - 02 Sep
++ Christmas Eve Gala: 24 Dec: 50 US$/adult
++ New Year's Gala: 31 Dec: 50 US$/adult .


The resort is covered by a roof of rustic red tiles fading with the weather, these double tiled roofs recall a Mediterranean tradition retained as the theme of Romana. The buildings are filled with traditional patterns and vignettes playing with its architecture from all directions, instilling the sense of rustic old world charm and lending you a feeling of ancient space. All rooms & suites of the resort fully equipped with five-star standard facilities, feature private veranda or balcony.
Deluxe Room: 64 rooms in building, all with sea, mountain & pool views; 32 m2
Sea View Villa:18 luxury sea view bungalows, private pool
Beach Front Villa: 10 beach front bungalows, private pool, connecting villas available
Junior Suite: 3 bedrooms (2 double + 1 twin), 1 living room, private swimming pool; 200 m2.


Restaurants: Panorama restaurant can seat 300 people comfortably, trading on its reputation for quality, vale for money and friendly efficient service. Dine at Panorama, a restaurant offering Western as wd as Asian cuisine.
Facilities: Enjoy a relaxing dip in the swimming pool, located in the center of the resort and get sun-drenched in the midst of tranquility. To de-stress after a busy day's work, you can engage in an invigorating workout at the Gym.
Sport: A well–lit tennis court, beach volleyball court, ocean–view swimming pool and whirlpool are perfect for outdoor personalities. The recreation room at the resort offers pool tables and table–tennis for those who prefer the indoors.
Conference facility: The ballroom accommodates up to 250 people and equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities. 

Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa

Address : Km 9 Phu Hai, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam


Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa is surrounded by 7 hectares of gardens with mango, coconut, palm, banana trees, frangipani, laurel trees and bougainvilleas, carefully taken care of by 30 conical hat wearing gardeners. A visit to the resort’s orchid garden is a must with over 400 plants and many species of the exotic flower to see.This 5 star resort Victoria Phan Thiet houses 30 thatch roof bungalows, was built in the traditional style of a Vietnamese country. With its beautifully landscaped garden and its location right on the beach, the resort and services offered, have been carefully planned to allow guests to enjoy a unique nature experience and relax in a heavenly setting.


All rates are in US$, including breakfast, VAT & service charges.
No charge for children under 12 when sharing beds with parents, room only. Child from over 4 years to 11 years will be charged 22US$ per day.
Add 53 US$ per extra bed.
HOTEL COMBINATION OFFER ( 1 Oct 12- 30 Sep 13): In one booking for a combination stay in at least 2 of any properties of Victoria Hotels & Resort group enjoy a special discount as follows:
- Book 2 hotels get 5% discount
- Book 3 hotels get 10% discount
- Book from 4 hotels get 15% discount
- Not combined with other promotions.

PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE: 26.5 US$/room/night
+ Holidays Season: 23 Dec- 4 Jan( 12 nights)
+ Tet Period: 21 Jan 2012- 30 Jan 2012 ( 9 nights)
+ Tet Period: 8 Feb 2013-17 Feb 2013 (9 nights)
+ Christmas Eve Gala: 24 Dec: 80 US$/adult
+ New Year's Gala: 31 Dec: 90 US$/adult.


Victoria Phan Thiet features 60 cosy thatch roof bungalows. Each bungalow combines the elegance of traditional Vietnamese wares and the comfort of an international hotel. All cottages have a large private terrace with deck chairs. Rooms are appointed with AC, IDD phones, satellite TV, mini bar, safety deposit box, private shower and complete set of toiletries and a writing desk.
  • Garden View Bungalow: 26 bungalows of 36 m2 in size and has king or twin beds, a sitting area.
  • Beach Front Bungalow: 18 beach front bungalows of 36 m2 in size and has king or twin beds, a sitting area.
  • Victoria Family Bungalow: 10 sea view 48m2 duplex consist of a king sized bed for two, a living room with convertible sofa.
  • Deluxe Seaview Bungalow: 9 sea view view junior suite bungalows 65m2 consist of a king sized bed, 1 sofa, bathroom with bathtub, 15m2 balcony.
  • Private Pool Villa: spacious villa with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 3 toilets, 2 bathrooms & private swimming pool & garden; 130m2 .


  • Restaurants: L'Ocean Restaurant overlooks the sea, where you enjoy the seafood and authentic Vietnamese specialties along with an array of international dishes. The BBQ Corner is located by the swimming pool and offers charbroiled specialties and other light meals. For light snacks and enjoyable drinks, the L'Ocean Snack Bar, which views to the pool and the sea, is the place to visit.
  • Facilities: Relaxing through the Spa means an exclusive and personalised services of Thai massage, Reflexology, Face and body care, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Beauty Salon.
  • Sport: Large open-air swimming pool, table tennis, billiards, darts, boogie boards. Beach sports: kites, volley ball and petanque. Bicycle, motorbike and jeep rental. 7 km away is the Ocean Dunes Golf Club, 18 holes golf course. 
  • Business services: Business center: secretarial, photocopying, Translation & other services with Multi-lingual hotel staff.
  • E-mail and Internet services.

Blue Moon Resort & Spa in Da Lat


  • Often called “The City of Flowers... the Land of Mist... Le Petit Paris” – Dalat city through the years has preserved its traditional charms, romantic appeal, and mysteriousness. Dalat and the Blue Moon Resort & Spa are waiting to welcome you here and help you discover this mystical paradise. 
  • Located in the heart of breathtaking Da Lat, the Blue Moon Resort & Spa is designed to complement the natural beauty of the "City of Eternal Spring.” Built opposite the popular and tranquil Xuan Huong Lake, Blue Moon is centrally located and convenient to Da Lat's eating, shopping and entertainment spots. Much more than just a comfortable night’s sleep, Blue Moon Resort & Spa invites you to experience true hospitality. 


All rates are in US$, including breakfast, VAT & service charges.
No extra charge for children under 12 when sharing beds with parents.
Add 15 US$ per extra bed. Maximum one extra bed in one room.
+ 31 Mar, 29 Apr- 01 May, 30 Aug - 2 Sep, 24 Dec - 26 Dec, 31 Dec - 02 Jan


  • You’ll be impressed with 71 tastefully furnished and spacious rooms and suites. Each is complete with LCD television with cable/satellite TV channels, IDD telephone, minibar, light remote control, coffee & tea maker, in room safe box, Wi-fi Internet, marble ensuite bathroom, plus a comfortable bed. 
  • Superior: 36 Double & 29 Twin rooms, window offer garden view or lake view; 28m2 
  • Deluxe: 4 Double rooms have lake view; 34 m2 
  • Blue Moon suite: 2 double rooms of luxurious, large, living room and bedroom separated, 2 LCD TV32 inch, balcony with lake view; 56 m2 


  • Restaurants: With the fascinating view of Xuan Huong lake, Xuan Huong Restaurant will please the taste buds of you and your loved ones with exquisite and varied local and international dishes prepared by our experienced chefs. LangBiang Bar is built for comfort, with ample lounge-style seating suggesting a casual atmosphere, with live music and great cocktails. Following a long day of golf, mountain biking or sightseeing, It is the perfect place to unwind and relax. 
  • Facilities: Welcome to Blue Moon Spa, under the care of an expertly trained staff, it has been created to revitalize and rejuvenate mind, body and soul with a variety of relaxing treatments.
  • Free use of computers and internet is available in the lobby and wifi is accessible throughout the resort.