Suggestion of 5 Reasonable Resorts for Your Holiday in Phan Thiet

1.    Muine Bay Resort Phan Thiet

The resort is located at the convenient position, the center of Mui Ne, amid the beautiful gardens creating a fantastic space for relaxing and enjoying the sceneries. Certainly, Muine Bay Resort in Phan Thiet will be a perfect place for you to escape from bustling life outside, you are completely free to have a swim on the beach or pool or just relax at the advanced Spa.  

Especially, beside luxurious rooms in 4-star standard, the resort is outstanding with series of bungalow in stylized design of architectural Cham towers. 

The price is ranging from 1.280.000 VND (57.66 USD)/ night.

2.    Muong Thanh Mui Ne

Surrounded by romantic stretching sandy beach, the hotel Muong Thanh Mui Ne looks like a green oasis amid the vast ocean. The hotel is designed in the elegant and modern style connecting to the nature, which will make you the most comfortable feelings when staying.

The hotel is situated at 54 Huynh Phuc Khang, at the center of Mui Ne and quite near Suoi Tien and Sandy hill just about 5km. So if you stay in the hotel, you will easily to visit and discover famous places in the city.

It is a 4-star hotel, equipped with modern facilities and designed in the harmonious beauty with nature. Especially you just take a few minutes to get to the beautiful beach, Mui Ne to enjoy the fresh air of the sea.

Featuring with luxurious and elegant style, Muong Thanh Mui Ne hotel has 7 floors and total of 155 bedrooms with cozy space, and each with good view overlooking the beach of Mui Ne. This surely will be the perfect place for your stay in Phan Thiet, the not-to-be-missed destinations for Vietnam tour packages

The price is ranging from 1.130.000 VND (50.91USD)/ night.

3.    Pandanus Resort Phan Thiet

Pandanus Resort Phan Thiet has total of 134 rooms, apartments and bungalows. You can have a fantastic swim at the swimming pool or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the garden of the resort…

The resort provides modern facilities and delicious food with affordable price, although it is a luxurious 4-star resort.

The price is ranging from 1.580.000VND (71.18 USD)/ night.

4.    Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa

According to the magazine, The Guide, Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa is considered the most beautiful resort in Mui Ne-Phan Thiet. The resort owns 57 bungalows, which are built in the rich Vietnamese traditional style with wooden houses and thatched-roof houses amid the romantic flower gardens and lush coconut trees and the main materials to construct the resort are laterite and coral.

Each bungalow is designed in elegant style and equipped with teak furniture, large bathroom with shower inside and outside. In the open space, you will have the most leisure time to relax and feel peace in mind. 

The price is ranging from 1.847.982VND (83.25 USD)/ night.

5.    The Cliff Resort & Residences Phan Thiet

There are about 95% apartments and villas at the Cliff Resort & Residences Phan Thiet designed with good view overlooking the sea. It is the most special thing made for the fame of the resort. 

You can refer Azul apartment with picturesque landscapes or Terra apartment with elegant style, private beach, lush green grass…

The price is ranging from 1.580.000 VND (71.10 USD)/night.

Top 5 Great Resorts in Ho Tram, Vung Tau

If you are planning a trip to Ho Tram and still don’t know where to stay for a luxury holiday, you can refer top best 5 resorts below:

1. Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa

Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa is located on the beautiful coastal road, covering an area of 80.000 m2 and built in a luxurious style connecting to nature. All rooms are designed with spacious space, high ceiling, and private balcony with good view overlooking the sea.

Indeed, Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa is an ideal place for relaxing in the quiet space thanks to the elegant architectural style and beautiful sceneries.

2. Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort & Villas

Situated on the pristine beach, Ho Tram, Sanctuary Ho Tram enchanted any visitors at first sight thanks to beautiful natural scenery along with modern architectural style.

Sanctuary Ho Tram has 3 types of private villas with different styles, and each with different views such as overlooking the beach, or overlooking the river offering you many options. All of them are built in high international standard with fully equipped amenities, which promises to give you a perfect holiday.

3. The Grand Ho Tram Strip

The Grand Ho Tram Strip is a luxurious five-star complex of hotel, entertainment and resort in Vietnam, which is expected to give the most comfortable holiday during your stays in Vung Tau. 

All rooms at the Grand Ho Tram Strip are designed in high standard, each with fully equipped large double bathrooms and panoramic balconies allowing you have the most relaxing moments. 

4. Vietsovpetro Resort - Ho Tram Ba Ria Vung Tau

Belonging to tourism area of Ho Tram-Binh Chau, which is considered the most developed in Ba Ria Vung Tau in the coming years, Vietsovpetro Resort - Ho Tram Ba Ria Vung Tau will be the best stopover for those who are visiting Ho Tram.

This resort is situated in the center of Ho Tram beach, about 46km from Vung Tau city. So when staying at the resort, you are easy to discover the peaceful life of locals. Also, you have chance to play casino at a five-star complex of MGM Ho Tram or just relax at the warm stream in Binh Chau. 

Besides, Vietsovpetro Resort - Ho Tram has stretching sandy beach with 1.000m long and white smooth sand, fresh water… creating a cool space for relaxing.

5. Carmelina Beach Resort, Ho Tram

The resort has the total of 120 rooms and 22 bungalows, all of them are well-equipped with modern facilities with good view overlooking the sea or swimming pool. Also, the resort has private stretching beach of 200m with smooth white sand. 

Besides, when staying at the resort you also experience with interesting activities creating memorable Vietnam private tours

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Top 5 the Best Resorts in Vietnam

Amanoi at Ninh Thuan, The Nam Hai resort at Hoian or Intercontinental at Danang… are the best resorts in Vietnam.

1. Amanoi (Ninh Thuan)

Amanoi offers the best services with deluxe rooms and private space, which gives you the good view of the mountain, beach and the panoramic view of Vinh Hy Gulf.

However, Amanoi has the price very expensive ranging from 13 – 100 million VND (583.55 - 4488.86 USD)/ night.

2. The Nam Hai Resort (Hoian) 

 Located on the Hoian’s beach, 30 – minute drive from Danang airport, and 10 – minute drive from Hoian town, The Nam Hai resort owns the luxury villas near the beach with three swimming pools and excellent spa.

Besides, it provides other services for entertainment such as play tennis, badminton, basketball, or read in library, etc.

The price is ranging from 7.7 – 16.6 million VND (345.64-745.15 USD)/ night.

3. Six Senses Con Dao (Con Dao island)

Located about 8km from Con Son airport, Six Senses Con Dao is designed with luxury villas, and equipped with private swimming pool along with a good view of the beach. Besides, it provides the private beach, advanced spa, and fitness center.

Visitors can have leisurely afternoon to relax at terrace, admire beautiful sunset on the beach or go diving in the cool water. The resort also offers gym and facilities for water sports. 

The price is ranging from 8 – 42 million VND (359.11-1885.32 USD)/ night.

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4. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula (Danang)

This resort is the favorite place for both domestic and foreign tourists.

It owns the private beach so visitors will have the most relaxing space and don’t be bothered by impacts outside. This is also the reason why many famous persons in the country and international chose the resort to stay and enjoy their vacation. In addition, the resort offers large outdoor swimming pool, spa, advanced golf course, etc. Visitors also can join in other interesting activities such as biking, fishing or hiking. 

All of rooms are designed with luxury style and each has private balcony with good view overlooking the sea. The villas of the resort situate amidst grand stones at the foot of mountain, they are fully equipped with swimming pool, sunny balcony, and luxurious bathrooms.  Several excellent rooms are equipped with spa, private terrace for dining in the beautiful scenery of the beach.

The price is ranging from 20 million (897.77 USD)/night.

5. Furama Resort Danang 

Just with 30-minute drive from Hoian and 2-hour drive from My Son Sanctuary, visitors can easily to get to Furama Resort Danang. All of rooms at the resort are decorated beautifully, intimate space with nature, parquet floor, and well – equipped with marble ensuite bathroom, outdoor swimming pool. It is considered the top best resort in Vietnam. 

In addition, visitors can relax at spa or sauna. Water Sport House at the resort provides facilities for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, etc. Also, visitors can join in some yoga classes and Tai - Chi on the beach. Especially children will find more exciting at the cinema and games rooms with Playstation 3. 

The price is ranging from 7 – 30 million VND/night (314.22-1346.66 USD) in the high season.

Enjoy Meteor Shower of Eta Aquarid on the Top of Langbiang Mountain

Watching meteor shower Eta Aquarid on the top of Langbiang mountain is a great experience you will never forget in Vietnam travel, which is a spectacular natural phenomenon. Below are the nice pictures about meteor shower Eta Aquarid, which happened on May 5 in Dalat. 

This is a photo about meteor shower Eta Aquarid, which was taken on the top of Langbiang mountain – Lam Dong (2.167m high).

Every 3 or 4 minutes after the meteor shower peaked, a star will cross. Sometimes, you will be surprised by the stunning beauty of a star, which appears suddenly.  

It is hard to express the feeling when seeing directly its magical beauty, which creates fairy scenery in the sky. 

This is the most beautiful photo about milkyway when a sudden star crossed over. 

Certainly if you have chance to admire meteor shower directly in Dalat, you will never forget these magical images of nature.  Thus don’t miss them in your trip to Dalat, Vietnam.

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The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Vietnam has become a country of tourism with a tremendous number of tourists coming every year. Not only is Vietnam famous for its history and ancient beauty, it is also well-known for stunning islands and wonderful beaches that impress visitors considerably when traveling to Vietnam.


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Located in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang, Nam Du is known as an untouched island which is not considered a popular tourist attraction like Phu Quoc Island. However, this makes Nam Du island more mysterious. Here, you can bathe on the beach and take a boat to the neighboring islands. A special feature is that the price of tourism services,as well as hotels, are very cheap. Before going to Nam Du Island, you are advised to search for useful information and contact local residents to welcome you. People in Nam Du are very friendly and hospitable. They also understand the essence of environmental protection. That is the reason why Nam Du still remains its unspoiled beauty for many years


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Cu Lao Cham Island is about 15km from Hoi An, including 8 islands. Here, because fresh water flows around the island, local people can grow rice. Guests can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere when wandering around rice fields. Going to Cu Lao Cham Island, visitors are extremely eager to dive and watch coral reefs or see villagers working in the fields. People in Cu Lao Cham are never afraid of lacking food. There are lots of fish and shrimps in the sea. If they take a boat to catch fish for a few minutes, they will have a delicious meal. Cu Lao Cham is also recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the world.


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Belonging to Khanh Hoa Province and approximately 15 km from Cam Ranh port, it is not difficult to visit Dinh Ba Island in any seasons of the year. Especially, travel expenses and meals are incredibly reasonable. Therefore, all tourists have to do is to enjoy the beautiful beaches and a wide variety of delicious seafood. Moreover, you can totally relax by watching the sunrise on the beach, snorkeling or fishing. Dinh Ba lobster is sold at a cheap price with the delicious cooking process of local fishermen. One special thing is that the island does not allow foreign visitors to come, only for Vietnamese travelers


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

The island had exactly 16 km2, but there are many strange things to attract visitors. Only with a motorcycle, you can drive and know about the history of the island and enjoy the romantic beach. In addition, you should also visit Cao Cat Mountain and Linh Son Pagoda which are located close to the cliff and the lighthouse where the nearest beautiful sunset of Vietnam can be seen. Here, you cannot ignore the seafood such as fish and crabs which are very tasty. Phu Quy Island also owns the beautiful coastal lines that you will remember its beauty forever if you have the chance to observe it.


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

This is an incredible island with stunning beaches, white sands and blue sea water. You should get up early to go shopping, buy seafood such as squid, mussels, clams ... and then grill them near the sea in the evening. If you are a little bit skillful, you can also create a unique BBQ meal on the beach


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Phu Quoc is a famous tourist island reaching top 3 most beautiful winter tourist destinations ranked by National Geographic. It owns the world's most beautiful beaches such as Sao Beach, Long beach, dozens of other pristine beaches and rich seafood. Visitors can have great experiences such as snorkeling, squid fishing, watching the sun set in the palace or riding through the forest. It is wonderful for visitors to hire motorbikes and discover around the island.


The most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

Ly Son is a district of Quang Ngai Province, located about 30km with an area of 10 km2 and a population of 20,000 people. It recently is considered as one of the famous landmarks for backpackers. This island attracts a great number of tourists by its beautiful sunny days, spectacular beaches and nice people. Here, visitors definitely can relax, entertain and create the best experiences ever.

These islands are the proud of Vietnamese people. The beauty of Vietnam landscapes and the friendliness of people are recognized all over the world. In order to maintain these wonderful destinations, local people and young generation are more active in protecting the environment and sea water with the purpose of attracting more travelers to this beautiful country.

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